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Find out how membership expands networks


Membership expands networks and creates new opportunities.

Our network of 54 Local Institutes opens doors and strengthens connections at a local level, while our three Professional Communities allow like-minded individuals working across broking, claims and underwriting to connect and exchange knowledge and ideas.

Local Institutes

Through our network of Local Institutes, we offer existing and prospective CII members ongoing professional development at a local level.

Our Local Institutes offer a constant source of support, inspiration, and new possibilities to those working in insurance. Their CPD, networking and social events provide a platform to develop knowledge, create business relationships and help boost professional confidence. As a member you’ll automatically join your nearest Local Institute.

Professional Communities

Whether you work in Insurance Broking, Underwriting or Claims, as part of your CII membership you get access to a professional community which provide numerous benefits and opportunities that are tailored to you and your sector.

No matter where you are in your career, we want to serve and support you with up-to-date insights, learning opportunities, career guidance and support, thought leadership, opportunities to network and everything else that comes from being part of a community.

Digital Events

Through our Digital CPD Events programme, you can continue and accelerate your professional development at your own pace, and at a time that suits you.

We host a wide range of educational, topical and informative content delivered digitally to the profession.

Browse through our large collection of upcoming and recorded digital events on our dedicated platform.

"Insurance is a people's business, so the people you know and the network you build are the things that can catapult you forward in your career."


Find out how membership can enhance your credibility


Find out how membership can help propel your career forwards


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Membership fees start from as little as £7 per month, and we estimate that with fair usage of our affinity benefits scheme, you could easily recoup the cost of your subscription, if not much more.