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The impact of Machine Learning on the world

In this Insurance Institute of London (IIL) cyber, technology and innovation lecture, Teddy Collins, Principal, Research and Strategy, Google Deep Mind, provided a primer on the technical foundations of machine learning - the technology that has underpinned almost all recent artificial intelligence breakthroughs. He also explained the significance of some of DeepMind's most high-impact research.

The shipping industry in 2050

In this Insurance Institute of London (IIL) lecture Roger Adamson, CEO, Futurenautics Maritime, explained how global megatrends, exponentially moving technologies and new generational mindsets will combine to create the new seaconomics of the next 30-50 years.  He also explored how maritime stakeholders have a unique opportunity to take advantage of the new digital (DX) economy. 

Silent cyber cover revisited

In this Insurance Institute of London (IIL) Accident lecture Ben Edie, W/R/B Underwriting, Senior Wordings and Technical Counsel, talked about what silent cyber is and, crucially, the steps that are being taken by regulators (and in particular, Lloyd’s) to ensure that the extent of cyber cover is properly understood by policyholders, and that there is sufficient understanding and capture of cyber exposures within the insurance industry.

Property flood resilience code of practice

Launch of new industry-led standards on flood resistance.