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Find out how membership can enhance your credibility


Membership conveys professional recognition and helps build reputations.

Your designatory letters are recognised and acknowledged by 1000s of other insurance professionals, employers and the general public. By adhering to our Code of Ethics, you are demonstrating your commitment to driving confidence in the power of professional standards: competence, integrity and care for the customer.


Our membership designations are internationally recognised. As a qualified member you can also display our qualified member logo. 

Member certificate and card

Your membership certificate and card provide tangible evidence of your membership designation, emphasise your credibility and are widely recognised by employers, consumers and more.

Code of ethics

With our Code of Ethics you are demonstrating your commitment to driving confidence in the power of professional standards.

Member search tool

With our member search tool, our members are searchable for customers and others looking for qualified professionals.


By achieving Chartered status, you can demonstrate to consumers, employers and peers that you are at the forefront of your profession and put professional development and trust at the heart of everything you do.

Lead and influence

Through our various initiatives you can help lead and influence the direction of the profession, whether you're all about equality, diversion and inclusion or accelerating new talent in the industry.

"Membership of the CII has meant that I can sit in front of anyone, internally or externally, and they know that I have the integrity and knowledge behind me, and that I have the right skills for the situation."


Find out how membership can help propel your career forwards


Find out how membership can expand networks


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Membership fees start from as little as £7 per month, and we estimate that with fair usage of our affinity benefits scheme, you could easily recoup the cost of your subscription, if not much more.