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Remote exams

For any technical issues with a PSI exam, please call +44 (0)80 8273 9244.

Remote invigilation

The CII now offers candidates the option to sit multiple choice exams online in a suitable location of the candidate's choice, using a PC or laptop with access to a webcam, instead of at a test centre.


Watch our remote invigilation MCQ exams webinar here


Your exam

Your exam will follow the structure set out in the exam guide for your unit. However, it will be delivered in an onscreen format and invigilated remotely through security checks and recording and monitoring of you taking the exam.
The onscreen format will involve selecting your answers.

Non-programmable physical calculators can be used. The use of all other electronic devices is prohibited. 

An on-screen scientific calculator will also be provided.

Please be aware that if you opt to use a physical calculator, it is likely to require you to look away from the screen, which in turn is likely to require additional security checks and no additional time will be given for these checks.  

Any supplementary information, e.g. tax tables, will also be provided within the onscreen exam.

Technical requirements

Remotely invigilated exams must be taken on a laptop or desktop PC with one screen only. They cannot be taken on any tablet or mobile devices, including Chromebooks.

You must check the equipment you plan to use on the exam day is suitable here.

Your webcam must allow you to do a 360-degree scan of the room, so needs to be easily lifted and moved throughout the room. 

Please note, in addition to the room scan, we reserve the right to request a mirror check as demonstrated in this video.  You need to bring a reflective surface such as a mirror, so you can display the screen, webcam, keyboard and edges of your monitor/ screen when requested.  If you have blank A4 paper sheets for notes (you can take in 2 sheets of A4 white paper on the day to make notes - these sheets must be blank), you will need to show both sides of each piece of paper when requested by the invigilator. At the end of the exam you will need to destroy any notes you have made in front of the camera witnessed by the invigilator.

You will be required to download a Secure Browser add-on prior to testing. This is an extra layer of security that will ensure no other application is open during the exam. You can access the download link through the exam scheduling site 15 minutes before your exam.


If you intend to use a laptop or PC supplied by your employer:

1 it may have remote assistance software installed and running in the background. Such software will need to be disabled e.g. LogMeIn, TeamViewer etc. Please note that we recommend you check this before each sitting as software frequently updates in the background. 

2 please be aware that you will be required to download and install a secure browser add-on.

3 We strongly suggest making your IT team aware of the above and inform them of the following whitelisting information.

Access to these sites is required:


How to access your exam

A link will be made available to you in the Bookings and results section of your MyCII dashboard.

Your confirmation email will contain a link to the Bookings and results section of MyCII.  Use this link and then select the “Launch Exam” link beside your scheduled exam.

Logging in and starting your exam

Make sure you click the link in your confirmation email 20 minutes before the start of your exam. You will be able to download the required secure browser 15 minutes before the exam. If you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled start time, you will not be allowed to take your examination. You need to bring a reflective surface such as a mirror, so you can show the edges of your monitor to your invigilator.

Practical tips

Request members of your household to stay off, or refrain from heavy use of the internet during your exam. Streaming video content, online gaming and similar activities can heavily impact your WiFi performance or internet connectivity speed.

Where possible, position your laptop or PC in an area where the WiFi signal is the strongest or connect directly to the router via an Ethernet cable.

Make sure that you perform the system setup and checks on the same laptop or PC on which you will take the exam.

Make members of your household aware that you must not be disturbed when taking your exam.

We strongly recommend you familiarise yourself with the assessment platform for on-screen multiple choice exams. 

Please familiarise yourself with the assessment platform you will be using here

Exam documentation

On this page, you can find copies of additional information which is provided to you in your examination and details of additional information sent to you before your examination.

Verifying your identity and examination rules

Please see the exam admission rules here.

Examination durations

The duration of your exam can be found on the unit page of the CII website

End of examination

  1. On screen warnings, indicating time to the end of the test, will be given for all online examinations.
  2. No extension of time can be given (unless previously agreed by the CII).
  3. For on-screen, multiple-choice exams, your result will be shown on the screen at the end of the examination. 
  4. If you consider there are circumstances that have negatively affected your performance at this exam, you must speak to the invigilator immediately to request an Incident Log is completed and inform Customer Service in writing within 5 working days of sitting the exam.
  5. You are required to cooperate with any CII investigation regarding this examination.

Notification of your result

For on-screen multiple-choice exams, you will receive notification of your result on screen on the day, and your result will be displayed on MyCII within 24 hours. 

For further information on anything detailed in this document, please call Customer Service on 020 8989 8464, or visit


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