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Corporate Chartered directors rule change

Corporate Chartered Status updates

Publication date:

15 September 2020

Last updated:

15 September 2020

We would like to let you know about a recent change we have made to the Corporate Chartered status (CCS) rules.

In 2015 we introduced the CCS rule which stated that new applicant firms with corporate directors or corporate members on their board would not be eligible for CCS. This change was introduced following risks we identified with this structure. In response to feedback from firms, we have reviewed this rule to see if we could manage the risks identified, whilst not prohibiting such firms from the scheme entirely. We are pleased to announce that we have found an appropriate solution and as a result, from July 2020, new applicant firms who have corporate directors or corporate members on their board are now eligible to apply for Chartered status, subject to membership requirements. This demonstrates the CII’s continuing commitment to actively listening to the Chartered firm community and endeavouring to support diverse business models whilst safeguarding the CCS scheme for its members, the public and our united profession.