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Every member of the CII has to abide by the Charter and Bye-laws (PDF) and Code of Ethics. If found to be in breach of these or any other applicable CII laws or regulations, Members can face disciplinary action. This can also apply to students who fail to comply with examination or assessment regulations.

Disciplinary proceedings that were initiated from 1 February 2020 are governed by:

NB: the CII Disciplinary Regulations and Procedure Rules 2019 were last reviewed in August 2023.

Disciplinary proceedings that were initiated pre-February 2020 are governed by the old rules and regulations, details of which are contained within one of the options below.

As part of compliance with the Code of Ethics, qualified Members are required to maintain their competence by completing ongoing Continuing Professional Development and face disciplinary action if they do not.

The regulations and procedure rules also set out sanctions which may be applied where a Respondent is found guilty of misconduct. These may include anything from a reprimand to exclusion from examinations and Membership.