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Possible Sanctions

The possible sanctions that may be imposed on a Respondent as a result of a disciplinary decision being made against them.

The sanctions include the following:

  • A reprimand
  • Suspension of or expulsion from Membership for a specified period
  • Declaration that the Respondent be ineligible to apply for CII Membership for a specified period
  • Withdrawal of Respondent’s examination or assessment result
  • An examination ban for a specified period
  • A requirement for the Respondent to complete the CII Online Ethics Course before enrolling onto any further examinations or assessments
  • Withdrawal or suspension of a Respondent’s Statement of Professional Standing, including being declared ineligible to apply for a specified period or the Respondent’s application be subject to conditions
  • A record of the case be added to the CII’s Disciplinary Record database

 Please note that under the ‘Pre February 2020 Rules’, a sanction is available whereby the Respondent may be fined an amount not exceeding £1,000.

Please note that under the 'Post 1 February 2020 Rules’, the Case Investigator has the power to impose other sanctions that are considered reasonable and appropriate, save that no sanction is imposed without the Respondent being given an opportunity to provide submissions on the proposed sanction.