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Disciplinary Hearing

This section provides information on the process regarding disciplinary hearings.

If a decision is taken to proceed to a hearing of the Disciplinary Committee, the complainant and the Respondent (the member or non-member who is the subject of a complaint) will be notified in writing at least 20 business days before the hearing.

The CII will always attempt to give as much prior notice as possible. Copies of all documents, statements and other evidence on which the CII intends to rely will also be sent to the Respondent.

The Respondent will be invited to submit any evidence on which he/she intends to rely and must also advise the CII whether he/she intends to attend, be legally represented or call witnesses no later than 10 business days before the hearing.

In all complaints before the Disciplinary Panel, the Respondent is entitled to attend the hearing, speak in his/her defence and/or cross examine the witness(es). The decision of the Disciplinary Panel will be notified in writing to the complainant and the Respondent.

The Respondent has a right to appeal within 15 working days of receipt of the decision. The Disciplinary Panel is drawn from Members of the Disciplinary Committee. The committee consists of qualified Members of the CII and lay people.

The panel must comprise at least three Members of the Disciplinary Committee, one of whom must be a lay person. The Chair of the Committee is both lay and legally qualified.

Disciplinary and appeal hearings are held in public except in exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances are determined at the discretion of the Chair of the Panel hearing the case or appeal.

Hearing dates are scheduled in advance although it is possible that there will not be a hearing on all scheduled dates.

No dates are currently scheduled.

If you wish to attend a hearing, please advise the CII's Legal department by contacting