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Following attainment of corporate Chartered status (CCS) it is necessary to renew your status every 12 months. Your renewal date will be the last day of the month in which you became a Chartered firm (e.g., if your firm achieved Chartered status on 5th March, your renewal date would be 31st March each year thereafter).

Below you will find detailed information on the process, what is involved, what action your firm needs to take and how to request support from the CII.

There are two methods of renewal and each Chartered firm will alternate between these methods each year. For example, a Chartered firm that is required to renew under the ‘Chartered Status Renew and Review’ process one year will be required to renew via the ‘Chartered Status Check and Confirm’ process the following year and vice versa.

Please see the description of each of these two renewal processes below:

Chartered Status Review and Renew

This is a full ‘under the bonnet’ check of the firm’s eligibility for corporate Chartered status. The CII will send over a copy of the last full application form and supporting documents for review, asking the firm to update these with any changes. Once updated documentation has been received, the CII will conduct a detailed review ensuring that all the requirements for corporate Chartered status continue to be met. Upon completion of the review, the CII will provide confirmation of successful renewal and the invoice for the appropriate Chartered fee will follow.

Chartered Status Check and Confirm

This is a one-page self-certification by the firm’s Responsible Member confirming that all the requirements of the CCS scheme continue to be met by the firm. No supporting documentation is required, and the CII only perform key checks such as reviewing the firm’s profile on the FCA register and Companies House. Once the signed declaration has been received by the CII, confirmation of successful renewal will follow along with the invoice for the appropriate Chartered fee. Please note that it is down to the Responsible Member to notify the CII if the firm does not currently meet any of the criteria or has any other concerns before submitting a signed copy of the declaration.

Notification of which renewal method applies to your firm

The firm’s Responsible Member will receive an email at least 7 weeks prior to the firm’s renewal date.  This email will include which renewal method applies to their firm for that year along with a copy of the relevant renewal form.


Should you have any queries regarding your renewal having read through this page, please contact our Corporate team on 0208 530 0818 or at