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CII holds up the mirror on diverse talent

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Publication date:

22 October 2020

Last updated:

22 October 2020

A Chartered Insurance Institute survey has revealed the profession’s progress with attracting and retaining diverse talent. 


Sian Fisher, CEO of the Chartered Insurance Institute, said: “We all know we are not yet where we need to be as a profession in terms of our diversity. We are not yet representative of the population we serve, and that means we are missing out on vital sources of talent as well as making it hard for us to see through the eyes of our customers. But I see huge efforts by many across the sector to change this, with festivals such as Dive In, representative networks and outreach campaigns to change perceptions, learn from each other and drive action". 

We are committed to holding up the mirror to our profession and working with all those who share our determination to expedite change – to measure progress, identify barriers, and share good practice. Each organisation will have its own challenges and approaches to overcoming them, but I hope over time to help us step forward as a profession, learning from and challenging each other to open up more rewarding opportunities for more people to serve our customers.” 

You can download the full report here.