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Exam policies

For on-screen multiple choice and on-screen written exam sittings booked with PSI visit: Assessment policies -for any technical issues with a PSI exam, please call +44 (0)80 8273 9244.



For all other sittings please refer to the information below

Details of terms and conditions which apply to candidates entering for exams with the CII are detailed below, these are in addition to the terms and conditions contained within the Information For Candidates brochures. As detailed in the Information For Candidates brochures, in the terms and conditions on the website and on your acknowledgement of examination entry, by entering any examination with the CII you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

In all the processes described below, where deadlines have passed, exceptional circumstances may still be considered.

Access arrangements and reasonable adjustments

For on-screen multiple choice exam sittings booked with PSI visitAssessment policies

For all other sittings please refer to the information below

The CII is committed to creating and maintaining conditions which give access to its education assessment provision regardless of age, disability, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation or transgender to allow candidates to maximise their potential to the best of their abilities.

The CII acts at all times to ensure that no unfair barriers apply to those seeking to gain the qualifications it offers. The CII is committed to giving all candidates an equal opportunity of achieving its qualifications in line with current UK and EU directives.

The CII carries its equal opportunities policy through to cover all the exams it administers. Provisions are made for candidates who have different educational requirements or disabilities including, but not restricted to those who are dyslexic, blind, partially sighted or those with dexterity impediments.

If you have a disability or a condition which you believe should be taken into consideration in assessing your exam performance, you should apply in writing, enclosing evidence from a doctor demonstrating appropriate specialist qualifications or a professional, such as a Chartered Educational or Occupational Psychologist, an Associate Member of the British Dyslexia Association or specialist trained teacher holding Approved Teacher Status accredited by the BDA or confirming your condition and explaining how your performance could be affected and what steps can be taken to ensure you are able to perform to your full potential. Applications without verifiable, evidence such as an appropriate diagnostic report will not be considered.

Examples of ways in which we are able to assist candidates who apply to us in advance are shown below:

  • Dyslexia – extra time, alternative font, alternative paper colour 
  • Vision impairment – large font, reader, scribe, extra time 
  • Arthritis – extra time for rest/stretch breaks 
  • Diabetes – extra time to check blood sugar levels, eat or take required medication

Examples of access arrangements for non-disability related requirements are shown below.

  • Arranging a private space and invigilator to accompany a candidate who needs to pray during an exam
  • Arranging a private space and invigilator to accompany a candidate who needs to breast-feed during an exam
  • Ensuring a female is present to identify a candidate who wears a veil

Any application for a reasonable adjustment or access arrangement should preferably accompany your exam entry.  Whilst the CII will take all reasonable steps to meet the request, it may not be possible if there is insufficient time to make the arrangements.

For reasonable adjustments, the CII will hold your verified evidence on file, but you must send in a written request to Customer Service at for provision to be made/consideration given before each subsequent exam you enter, and the CII reserves the right to request updated evidence. 

Special consideration

If at the time of the examination, a candidate considers there are circumstances that need to be taken into account in assessing their performance, they should speak to the invigilator immediately to request that an incident report form is completed. The incident report form is used to assess how the candidate's performance was affected in the examination as a consequence of a temporary illness, injury or other event outside of their control. The candidate must apply for special consideration to Customer Service at within five working days of the examination for paper based examinations. The grounds acceptable for special consideration include:

  • An illness or a special need at the time of the examination (e.g. vomiting or fainting)
  • An irregularity relating to the examination environment (e.g. excessive noise or disruption)

A candidate who is unwell before attending the exam may wish to consider postponing or cancelling their exam entry. For more information on our policy for illness please see below.

It is expected that candidates will have made use of all available support services (i.e. where a special need is known about prior to the examination) before making a request for special consideration. 

Data protection

The CII ensures that it processes Personal Information in compliance with applicable data protection laws, including, without limitation, the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 ("GDPR"). For further information, including our data processing practices, please read our Privacy Statement

Where your employer pays for any of your tuition including e-learning, exam entries, assessments, study texts or membership fees, the CII will upon the employer's request provide your employer with details of your membership status and/or exam record including attempts and results, unless you notify us to the contrary by contacting Customer Service.

Organisations other than the CII sponsor prizes and awards based on CII exam performance. If you do not wish any information to be passed on to these organisations please contact Customer Service.

Where using remote invigilation, the 3rd party provider is based in the USA. As a result, there will be a transfer of your personal data to the USA. By electing to take your exam via remote invigilation you are required to accept the 3rd party provider’s terms and conditions for remote invigilation, and you are consenting to your personal data being processed and stored in the USA for the purposes of remote invigilation. 


Please note examinations are based on the published syllabuses; you can find syllabuses in the relevant qualification section on this website.


Important deadlines including closing dates for entries and examination sitting dates can be found at important exam deadlines, in the appropriate 'Information for candidates' brochure or from Customer Service.


Please note some units and qualifications have restrictions on entry. Units and qualifications specified as non-UK or indicated as for a specific region (such as Hong Kong) cannot be awarded to UK residents. If you do take a unit or qualification for which you are not entitled to enter, the CII will void any results and awards of units and qualifications achieved as a result.

Changes to entry and cancellations

If you wish to withdraw completely from your paper-based written exam, 50% of the original entry fee will be refunded if you withdraw before the exam booking closing date. You cannot withdraw after this date except in the case of illness.

No changes apart from to your name (which must be supported by original or certified evidence) or address can be made to your entry later than the normal fee closing date for the session for which you were originally booked.


If you are absent from the exam due to illness, you may apply either for your entry to be transferred (for paper based exams this would be to the next available session subject to space being available) or for a 50% refund of the original entry fee. Refunds are not available in the case of entries for the Award in Financial Planning.

You should apply in writing enclosing medical evidence from a professional, such as a doctor, confirming that you were unable to attend the exam on the relevant date due to the illness/accident or incident.  Applications without medical evidence will not be considered.

Your written application, supported by medical evidence (which must confirm that you were unable to attend the exam on the relevant date due to illness/accident) must be received by Customer Service within two months of the exam from which you were absent. In your application you must confirm which of the two options you wish to take and, for online exams, if applying for your entry to be transferred, indicate when you would like to sit (subject to available capacity).

Applications will not be considered without medical evidence. Please note that self certification is not acceptable and the CII will not reimburse any costs involved in obtaining medical evidence.

Exam fees will not be refunded or credited for any other reason after the normal fee closing date for paper based exams.


The CII's liability is limited to a complete refund of the entry fee paid for the exam concerned. Nothing in these conditions excludes or limits the liability of CII:

(a) For death or personal injury caused by the negligence of CII

(b) For any matter which it would be illegal or unlawful for CII to exclude or attempt to exclude its liability

Proof of identity

You must show proof of identity to any official who requests it. This proof of identity is in addition to your Admission Permit for paper based examinations. The following are acceptable as identification:

  • a current passport
  • a company identification card containing both your photograph and signature
  • a driving licence containing both your photograph and signature
  • a national identity document containing both your photograph and signature - this excludes UK National Identity Cards

If you do not hold one of these, you will be expected to obtain one before the exam. If you fail to bring acceptable identification to your exam, the CII reserves the right to withhold your result.


For written examinations taken on paper at a centre

You should arrive at the centre at least 30 minutes before the exam is due to start.

You may not be allowed to take your exam if you arrive late.



Candidates should refer to the syllabus and CII update website for the general testing position and the latest information on changes to legislation and industry practice and when they will be examined.

In all instances the CII employs best endeavours to ensure that examinations meet the specified criteria.

Technical changes

Exams are based on the published syllabuses which are available online at It is important that you keep yourself informed of any changes which may occur affecting the units you are studying by using material suggested in the reading lists on the syllabuses in the relevant qualification section of this website.

The CII will do all it can to provide students enrolled on a study programme with updated materials as soon as legislative changes become known but it cannot guarantee this in time for any particular exam. Candidates should refer to the CII update website for the latest information on changes to law and practice and when they will be examined .


Any breach of the following instructions may result in your disqualification, not only from the examination you are sitting and any examinations you have already sat, but also from all future examinations, either for a period of years or indefinitely.

For written examinations taken on paper in an exam centre

You must submit in all matters to the direction and rulings of the exam co-ordinator and invigilators.

You must not take into the exam room any unauthorised materials or items or consult in any way any book, paper, document or other written, typed or printed matter (except your admission permit for paper based exams and items provided by the invigilators in connection with the unit being examined). Unauthorised materials include, for example, personal tax tables, electronic devices, leaflets and non-transparent lids or cases, or any other unauthorised items specified by the invigilator.

All briefcases, handbags, books, revision notes, mobile phones, electronic devices and other personal belongings must be left in a cloakroom or other area as specified by the invigilators.

You are not allowed to bring any tax guides or tables into the exam. Rates of tax, tax bands, allowances and exemptions for Income Tax, Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax are provided for all relevant units. No procedural or background information is provided, as you are expected to know this.

For paper based exams, you must hand the answer book and/or answer form and question book to the invigilator before you leave the exam room. If you do not, your book or form will not be marked and you will be prevented from entering this exam in the future.

You must not communicate with, or willingly receive communication from any person during the exam other than an invigilator. Any attempt on the part of another candidate to communicate with you must be reported to an invigilator.

You must not read or attempt to read the work of any other candidate.

You must not temporarily leave the exam room, except in the case of urgent necessity when you must be accompanied by an invigilator.

Mobile phones and smart watches or similar are not allowed in any examination.



For written examinations taken on paper in an exam centre

There are likely to be some questions in exams which require calculations to be made. We recommend that you bring a silent battery or solar-operated non-programmable calculator into the exam room.

The use of electronic equipment capable of being programmed to hold alphabetic or numerical data and/or formulae is prohibited. You may use a financial or scientific calculator, provided it meets these requirements.


Disciplinary action

Disciplinary action may be taken against any candidate found guilty of dishonourable or unprofessional conduct or committing a breach of the exam regulations. Penalties may be imposed for falsification of documents or cheating during an exam. The CII reserves the right to notify the relevant regulatory body of any disciplinary action taken.

Publication of results

The CII reserves the right to publish exam results, whether a pass or failure. Pass lists are published only after results have been issued to candidates.