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Boost your career by volunteering with your Local Insurance Institute

Publication date:

20 March 2024

Last updated:

20 March 2024


Claire Lashbrook

Wondering how to add an extra edge to your professional life? Volunteering at your local Insurance Institute could be the answer.  If you’ve come across information on joining your Institute council and thought it wasn’t for you, think again.

Find new purpose in 2024 by volunteering for your local institute

It's not just about giving back; it's about growing, learning, and connecting in ways that enrich both your career and personal life.

Its Not What You Think
It's easy to hear "council member" and picture a formal, stuffy environment filled only with seasoned professionals who've spent decades in the industry. But that's far from reality. Our councils are vibrant, dynamic, and diverse—eager for fresh perspectives and new ideas. Whether you're just starting your career or looking to share innovative thoughts, there's a place for you here.

In my experience it is vital that local institute councils have a broad mix of members so that everyone in the local area is represented. There are four or five council meetings a year in most institutes, and you do not need to have extensive industry experience to join. It's where you can make real contributions to the development of our industry and forge lasting connections. But more than that, it's a place where your voice matters, regardless of your experience level.

Our institutes thrive on diversity. Whether you're taking your first steps in insurance or you've navigated its complexities for years, your insights can and will help shape our future. By joining your local council, you can ensure that our activities resonate with everyone in our community.

My Journey: From Learning to Leading
My experience with the Exeter institute has been a journey of growth and discovery. Here are a few roles I've embraced and the personal rewards they've brought me:

CPD Officer: Tailoring our professional development offerings not only allowed me to impact our members' careers directly but also gave me a personal sense of fulfilment.

Education Outreach Officer: Visiting schools to talk about our profession improved my public speaking skills and brought me genuine joy, especially when seeing the interest spark in students' eyes.

Institute President: I became the Institute President and held this role for three years; it was a great opportunity to learn how to manage the budget of a not-for-profit organisation and make critical decisions on the running of the institute and how members money should best be spent. As an Institute president you can also expect to benefit from many networking opportunities at institute dinners and events, my local connections grew exponentially as well as my reputation inside my organisation leading to better promotional opportunities and some great CV updates and interview answers.

Why Step Up?
It's about the joy of sharing your passion for insurance, the warmth of supporting peers, and the excitement of contributing to something that matters to you personally. There are so many opportunities that come with being a local institute council member, it has been a major career boost for me and has provided mentoring opportunities, personal and professional growth for me, I genuinely believe I wouldn’t be where I am in my career today without volunteering. Beyond professional growth, all my volunteering with the CII has introduced me to a community of supportive peers and mentors, enhancing my sense of belonging within the insurance industry.

Get Involved
Curious to learn more? Reach out to us! We're here to share how you can join in and make a difference in our community. Your journey of personal and professional growth starts with a simple step: volunteering.

By getting involved, you're not just volunteering; you're shaping the future of our profession and enriching your own life in the process. It's about creating value for yourself and others, learning new skills, and building networks that last a lifetime.
Don't miss this chance to be part of something bigger.

Contact your local institute today and discover where your volunteering journey can take you.

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