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Statement of Professional Standing application guidance

When applying, you need to confirm

  • Which relevant FCA TC Appendix 1.1 activities you undertake
  • Which appropriate qualification(s) you hold for activities they undertake (relevant CII qualifications are pre-populated)
  • Your adherence to a declaration

No gap fill required

This is relevant to:

  • CII Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning holders
  • Non-CII 'fully RDR compliant' qualification holders

Qualification gap fill is not required as qualifications already meet the new QCF Level 4 exam standards in full.

Important notes regarding non-CII qualifications

  • CII framework credits are not issued as part of this process and can only be obtained through a CII recognition of prior learning application
  • Members will not be eligible to use the DipPFS membership designation solely as a result of the SPS application process