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Financial planning process

AF5 (30 CII credits – Advanced Diploma level)

The objective of this unit is to develop an understanding of the financial planning process when giving advice to clients.

Download AF5 October 2019 exam guide (PDF)

Download AF5 July 2020 exam guide (PDF)

Download the 2019/20 syllabus (PDF)


  • 3 hour exam
  • Fact find based with 8 compulsory questions
  • The pass rate for those completing the unit is currently 57%
  • 55% nominal pass mark

A case study workbook is not offered for this unit as it draws together and tests your knowledge gained through study of the other AF units. You will, however, receive a 'fact-find' two weeks before the exam which you will use to draw up a financial plan in the exam. More information and the fact-find (when released) can be found on our supporting exam documents page.

Recommended study hours: 150 (will vary depending on your experience and ability)

Free practice tests (October 2020 – April 2021 exam sittings)

These revision aid tests are based on previous examination guides that have been updated to the current tax year by an experienced trainer to provide a prompt for exam practice. However, please ensure that you bear in mind any changes to law, tax and practice that may have taken place since publication or update.

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