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CII study texts in ebook format allow you to study on the move using your electronic devices, while reducing paper use and the impact on the environment

ebooks are delivered in EPUB format via RevisionMate, the CII's online study tool. Depending on the e-reader app/device used, key features can include:

  • Annotation tools – these include the ability to add notes to pages and highlight key points
  • Easy navigation – interactive contents page and search function help you pinpoint content
  • Quick web link access – related articles and resources can be accessed with a single tap or click
  • In-built dictionary – definitions for unfamiliar words
  • Read-aloud – available on some supporting devices, allowing increased accessibility

Sample chapter

The R02 sample chapter linked below allows you to download a free trial to test out how the text and diagrams appear on your device. It also gives you a chance to try out the additional features mentioned above. The overall format is the same for all units.

Download EPUB sample

Using the EPUB file

The EPUB file requires a compatible device and/or e-reader app, such as:

  • Android/iOS (iPhone or iPad) devices – Pocketbook*
  • Mac computers - Apple Books*
  • Windows computers – Calibre*

Uploading the EPUB file directly to Google Play Books will not currently work, as Google doesn’t fully support all features in the EPUB format. Due to changes introduced by Amazon, our study texts cannot be used with Kindle (either the app or the device itself).

*You may need to download the app from your app store or the software vendor/developer website if not already installed.

Important notes

  • Ebooks are not PDF files and cannot be printed. If you wish to print the study text, a PDF version is provided on RevisionMate alongside the ebooks
  • Functionality can vary between devices/e-reader apps and can change when they are updated to newer versions
  • The CII cannot provide technical support for any electronic devices or e-reader apps. Please refer to your product's manufacturer for instructions and assistance