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On the exam day

See below for key things to remember for the day of your exam 


On the day checklist:

  1. Log-in details
  2. Mirror
  3. Photo ID
  4. Web camera and microphone 
  5. Support number noted on permitted paper for notes (see below)
  6. Drink in a clear bottle
  7. Non programmable calculator

Need support?

In the first instance, please contact the invigilator.

If you are unable to contact the invigilator, or are they are unable to assist, please contact PSI Support on +44 (0)80 8273 9244 


On the day practical tips

Internet usage

Request members of your household to stay off, or refrain from heavy use of the internet during your exam. Streaming video content, online gaming and similar activities can heavily impact your WiFi performance or internet connectivity speed.

WIFI signal

Where possible position your laptop or PC in an area where the WiFi signal is the strongest or connect directly to the router via an Ethernet cable.

Prepare your IT equipment

Make sure that you perform the system setup and checks on the same laptop or PC on which you will take the exam.

If, after the exam, you want to let us know about your experience, please contact us to discuss your feedback.