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Prepare your IT equipment

It is vital that you check the IT equipment you plan to use on the exam day is suitable.

Please note you are strongly advised not to use a laptop provided by your employer

Laptops and IT equipment provided by your employer typically include security protocols that conflict with any remote invigilation software. You should also avoid using a corporate Wi-Fi or any other internet connection that may include firewalls that you cannot personally control.

Run a system check

This will open a new window and take you to the PSI system check website. The system compatibility check will check your webcam, microphone, internet connection (at the time of the check) and operating system. It does not check for Prohibited Programs and will not guarantee full connection for the duration of your exam. 

Please note we strongly advise not using a computer supplied by your employer because the system compatibility check does not check for firewall or background applications for potential security conflicts.

Screen/Monitor displays

A standalone monitor can be used with a laptop but the laptop screen must be closed at all times. In this situation you will need to have a separate webcam on the standalone monitor.  In order to be invigilated effectively, you need to continuously look at the single screen, rather than look from side to side and therefore you are not able to have two screens. Remote invigilation exams must be taken on a laptop or desktop PC with one screen only. They cannot be taken on any tablet or mobile device.

PSI secure browser add-on 

You will be required to download a Secure Browser add-on prior to testing. This is an extra layer of security that will ensure no other application is open during the exam. You can access the download link through the exam scheduling site 30 minutes before your exam.