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CPD planning and recording

We have a CPD tool to help you plan and record your activity. It's not compulsory to use it, but you may find it helpful to keep an audit trail of your CPD activities. 

Recording CPD

  • Show the activities undertaken
  • Show whether it was structured or unstructured CPD
  • Show the hours recorded against each activity
  • Provide a 'reflective' statement of outcomes, i.e. did the activity meet my learning needs?

For more information read submitting your CPD record (PDF) or download our example CPD activity and blank CPD record (Word Docs). 


  • With learning styles changing and an increase in bite-sized learning activities, there are many different ways you can undertake CPD which supports your development needs. This article takes a closer look at bite-sized learning activities.
  • The reflective statement does not need to be long. E.g something along the line of; The example calculations provided within the learning material have helped me develop a better understanding of the methods of calculating premiums. I now feel confident that I have the required technical knowledge in this area.
  • Please keep evidence of the activity you have completed (e.g. certificate of attendance) and upload copies to the recording tool as we may ask to see this if your record is selected for review.
  • You only need to submit your CPD record if we request to see it. Typically we randomly sample about 10% of members' records each year to check these have been fully and correctly completed. You can be selected at any point during the year to provide your CPD record. The CII will ask you to provide records for the last 12 months from the point of selection.

Some common and acceptable ways to recording CPD

Our CPD recording tool
Our simple to use CPD recording tool tool. Includes functionality that will automatically record details of your attendance on any CII Face-to-Face Training courses or events, etc.

Financial ASSESS
Our online learning and compliance system will automatically log development work undertaken on an hours basis. It also lets your enter details of other CPD activity undertaken outside the system. Existing ASSESS records that predate the change in CPD will be retained for your reference.

Third-party records
If you record CPD via a third-party recording tool you can use this as your CPD record. Just maintain a record with the required information and provide it to us on request.

CII paper record
In all instances where your record is requested by us you will need to supply it in full as we cannot access your records. This includes records held on our CPD recording tool and ASSESS.