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Personal Finance Revision Courses

Corporate Training

Effective preparation is key in ensuring positive outcomes when taking the exam

We know that it can be hard to learn effectively on your own and that having the focus and support provided within a live virtual training course can really make a difference in passing an exam.

Our standard revision courses are two days duration. A two-day course offers sufficient time for learners to really grasp the essential areas of an exam syllabus as a supplement to their own prior study. Depending on your needs, the duration and depth of these courses can be tailored for different audiences at different stages in their learning. 

Through our network of expert trainers, we can also offer training for all of our CII examination units. If you have any specific exam preparation needs not covered here, please let us know.

Personal Finance Award / Certificate Revision Courses


Personal Finance Diploma Revision Courses


Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning


Expert virtual training delivery in a digital age

All trainers engaged by the CII are proficient in online training delivery. We believe that skilfully delivered virtual training delivery is a highly efficient and effective medium. It is also kinder to the environment than traditional classroom training. We always ensure our courses are specifically designed for virtual delivery to maintain engagement and maximise learning. 

Our approach is to offer all courses virtually using Microsoft Teams. Should you have a specific requirement for in-house classroom delivery however, please let us know.

To discuss your learning needs

Your CII Relationship Manager would be delighted to explore your learning needs and can draw on the expertise within the CII Learning Solutions team to support you further. 

Please speak with your Relationship manager in the first instance or contact for more information.