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Failure to comply with requirements

Failing to comply with either the Financial or Bankruptcy Requirements and/or failing to respond to the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) will result in disciplinary hearings.

Where the Preliminary Screener (cases prior to May 2013), Case Examiner or  Disciplinary Panel has decided to publish details of a disciplinary case ascribed (i.e. where an individual has been named), every care has been taken to identify members/students correctly. Please contact the CII if there is any doubt about the identity of a member/student who may have been the subject of disciplinary proceedings and in relation to whom a report has been published.

CII wishes to make clear that, unless the case reported indicates otherwise, allegations and findings against members/students do not implicate those members' or students' employers in any way.

Mr Iain J Watt (formally ACII / Cert PFS) of Muharraq, Bahrain, Middle East (last known address)

Disciplinary Hearing date 25 January 2010 - Mr Iain Watt was found to have failed to communicate with his client about various issues including his period of leave from his employer and arrangements for providing financial advice to his client during that time. Mr Watt failed to respond to numerous emails regarding the status of his client's investments, his country of residence and his membership of professional organisations and qualifications and failed to provide policy documents. The Panel found that he had brought the industry and profession into disrepute and that he should be expelled from the membership of the CII. Mr Watt was ordered to pay towards the investigations and legal costs.

Unascribed member

Disciplinary Hearing date 21 January 2009 - A complaint of failing to act responsibly while operating a company was upheld. The Company was based overseas. The matter concerned the Member's conduct during the subsequent bankruptcy proceedings and later referral to the CII. The Panel found that the Member had breached the CII's Code of Ethics and Conduct. The activities of the company consisted of giving financial advice on insurance, pensions, investment, mortgages and tax. He had also failed to cooperate with the CII's investigation. The Panel ordered that the Member be reprimanded and expelled from membership for 10 years.