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Breaches of CII copyright

Breaches of the CII's copyrighted materials by selling through the internet for profit and without the permission of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

Where the Preliminary Screener (cases prior to May 2013), Case Examiner or  Disciplinary Panel has decided to publish details of a disciplinary case ascribed (i.e. where an individual has been named), every care has been taken to identify members/students correctly. Please contact the CII if there is any doubt about the identity of a member/student who may have been the subject of disciplinary proceedings and in relation to whom a report has been published.

CII wishes to make clear that, unless the case reported indicates otherwise, allegations and findings against members/students do not implicate those members' or students' employers in any way.

Matthew Fretwell, AS Financial, High Holborn House, 52-54 High Holborn, London, UK

The Respondent was found to have sold CII copyright items (study texts) without authorisation on the eBay website. The CII Case Examiner invited the Respondent to approve and sign a Consensual Order under Rule 9.1 of the CII Disciplinary Procedure Rules 2015, to which the Respondent agreed and which came into effect on 30 May 2017. The sanctions issued were that the Respondent would: a) be reprimanded, b) be declared ineligible for membership for 1 year, c) be excluded from CII examinations and assessments for 1 year and have to take the CII on-line ethics course before taking any CII exams and assessments or applying for recognition of prior learning in future, d) be declared ineligible for CII recognition of prior learning for examinations, assessments or qualifications obtained by the Respondent during the 1 year period of exclusion, e) be fined £300. The Case Examiner reduced the sanctions which would otherwise have been applied in respect of the offence for b) and c) from 2 years in the light of the Respondent's early admission of the charge.