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Ethics - making the right choices


Publication date:

01 March 2010

Last updated:

29 October 2018

The question of whether something is right or wrong is rarely a simple one. While the “black and white” answer may seem obvious, there are often other factors pulling the decision-maker in a variety of different directions.

Behaving ethically is something that, as individuals, we all espouse to do.

The question is whether we bring those same levels of values to our workplace, whether we are able to maintain those standards at work or whether the issue of ethics is too low down the list of considerations. The question of behaving ethically has been thrown into sharp relief in the past year as politicians from all parties have had to face the wrath of their constituents and the wider public over the expenses’ scandal.

At the same time, bankers have come under fire for their role in the recent financial crisis, with many people questioning their ethics.

Within the insurance industry, there is a firm belief that we are honourable people with high ethical standards. However, as this free flowing and lively debate revealed, there are still plenty of questions to be asked and answered by the industry as well as plenty of opportunity for improvement.


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