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Update from the Society of Claims Professionals' advisory board

News article

Publication date:

31 March 2020

Last updated:

02 April 2020


Sue McCall

Sue McCall, the chair of the Society of Claims Professionals, shares her thoughts on how the claims sector can come together during the current crisis. 

Due to recent events, I have been looking back to our goals and aspirations at the start of the year, and how they have changed somewhat in these unprecedented times. I had expected we would be gearing up for the whiplash reforms; building upon the best practice in dealing with vulnerable customers; increasing training around the impact of automation and mental health in the workplace, and managing the residue of claims from the seasonal winter high.


No one was prepared for what we, and the rest of the world, have encountered. Our disaster recovery plans have been well and truly tested, yet when compiled, we never really anticipated that they'd be called into play for a global pandemic of this magnitude. We have seen increased volumes of work around notifications for business interruption, travel and cyber. With all of this against the backdrop of remote working and home broadband being stretched beyond capabilities.


Meanwhile, the Society of Claims Professionals is working through it all with great professionalism and dedication. We have maintained our customer focus and true pro-activity during the most testing of times for all of us. We're learning a new world of working from home that many are suggesting will become the norm. New skills in remotely managing teams and working with new technology to better communicate. Some are working and have small children in the home, and others in total isolation. In such challenging times, communication and the camaraderie built within the office are being maintained via emails, video chat apps and phone calls. Exposure to greater mental health issues has been identified and that too is being managed remotely.


We are showing how adaptable we can be in the most difficult times we, or any claims professionals before us, have ever had to face. I am grateful and proud to be a part of this great Society of Claims Professionals.

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