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DEFRA Flood Resilience and Resistance Grant


Publication date:

22 February 2021

Last updated:

18 December 2023


New Generation Group

Information leaflet produced by the CII New Generation Claims Group 2019-2020 on flood resilience measures and how to apply for a flood resilience grant.

Flooding causes major issues for both home and business owners alike, as well as insurers. Since December 2019, the average household flood claim cost has increased from £32,000 to £50,000 which is a 56% increase from 2018 alone.

With the UK set to see about a 10% rise in annual average rainfall by 2100 compared to 1986-2005, early awareness of both resistance and resilience measures could help better prepare a property for future floods.

To improve the flood resilience of homes and businesses the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) launched the Property Level Flood Resilience Recovery Support Scheme in England, which has been activated several times since its inception after major flooding events.

The CII New Generation Claims Group 2019-2020 have created an interactive leaflet that address the following areas:

  • Flood resistance
  • Flood resilience measures
  • Flood resilience grant FAQs


Download the information leaflet HERE

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