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Supporting mental health at work


Mental health problems affect one in six British workers each year with mental health being the leading cause of sickness absence.

It is not surprising that employers are starting to look more closely at the crucial role they play in supporting the wellbeing of their staff.

We have now launched a guide for the insurance profession on managing mental health in the workplace, published in partnership with the mental health charity Mind.

Based on the landmark ‘Thriving at Work’ independent review of mental health at work commissioned by the Prime Minister in 2017 and led by Lord Dennis Stevenson and the Chief Executive of Mind Paul Farmer, the guidance paper is intended to provide support for both organisations and colleagues as we strive to break down the stigma of mental health.

It contains tips for the insurance profession on putting the six mental health ‘core standards’ outlined in the review into practice, in addition to a series of more ambitious ‘enhanced’ standards for employers who are able to do more to lead the way. The guide also contains other useful tools and resources to help organisations better support employees’ mental health.

Read the guide to Implementing the thriving at work standards (PDF)