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ABI’s COVID-19 protection pledges

News article

Publication date:

07 April 2020

Last updated:

14 April 2020


Policy and Public Affairs

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) have announced their three protection pledges to members.

Due to the increasing demand on the NHS, the protection insurer members of the ABI are offering support to all their customers who may be affected by the impact of the coronavirus when making a claim on a life, critical illness or income protection insurance policy.


To process a claim, protection insurers must obtain medical evidence from GPs and medical consultants. However, with the increase in claims due to COVID-19, this is placing an additional strain on the NHS. In order to reduce this pressure, protection insurers are pledging source evidence from customers and other routes wherever possible instead. Insurers also commit to support customers, especially those who are vulnerable, throughout the process.


The ABI’s three protection pledges are:

  1. Support the National Health Service
  2. Support those who need to make a claim
  3. Support vulnerable customers


These pledges aim to support customers while not taking away valuable resources within the NHS. However, this will hopefully mean that claims can still be processed effectively. The ABI outline why protection products are more important than even at this critical time: "Protection insurance products can include additional services which may be of particular benefit at this time, such as online GP consultations or counselling. Customers should check their policies or contact their adviser, insurer, or employer to see if their cover includes these additional services".


This is a particularly difficult time for people in vulnerable groups as they have been advised to self-isolate for 12 weeks. As these people are the ones most likely to be affected, they are the ones most likely to make a claim. Self-isolating may play an important factor in how policy wordings are interpreted, but a lack of traditional support from the NHS may delay how claims are processed,


There is also readdressing the balance of support the NHS can give. It may be an option that some GPs may be able to offer some support if their surgeries are closed and offer video-consultations instead. This can ensure that important medical evidence can be obtained from a credible source.


The ABI are also looking to develop further pledges around underwriting to help improve transparency on the positive work that insurers are currently doing in this space.


To read more on the protection pledges, CLICK HERE.

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