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Chartered Insurance Institute
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Faculties and Societies

Make the most of your CII membership

The Chartered Insurance Institute's faculties provide a series of  central community for insurance professionals and encourage and promote progression to qualified status and the maintenance of good practice, the highest standards of competence, expertise and professionalism for staff at all levels of experience.

The specialist faculties provide members with access to market-relevant continuing professional development be that technical and market-issues based articles, analysis, research, reports, face to face and online events, seminars and professional and career-path based guidance.

The faculties also provide a voice with regulators and other key bodies on issues related to their area and customer outcomes.

Faculties provide members with access to market-relevant CPD be that technical and market-issues based articles, analysis, research, reports, face to face and online events, seminars and professional and career-path based guidance.

Mission Statement:

"To raise the levels of professional knowledge and technical competence to improve customer confidence in the industry and to assist members in their personal career development"

"Each faculty will provide a forum for all those engaged in the area covered by the specific faculty to encourage and promote progression to qualified status and the maintenance of good practice, the highest standards of competence, expertise and professionalism to staff at all levels to build customer trust. To this endeavour the faculty will provide members with relevant and timely information, events, seminars and guidance on the maintenance of good practice. Each faculty will support the core missions of the CII by its agenda and actions."

Faculty benefits

The following video explains the benefits offered by CII Faculty membership. Ant Gould (director, CII Faculties) discusses the Faculties' mission statement and how this is realised by technical resources, networking opportunities and CPD support.

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Faculty membership provides you with a wide range of tailored information and services to support you in your role and raise standards of competence and levels of professionalism.

  • Access to a range of highly targeted, relevant and career-enhancing CPD offerings from face to face events, to online broadcasts, webinars, roundtables, articles and more.
  • Guidance on, and analysis of, faculty-relevant technical, regulatory, political and legal developments
  • Sharing of best practice to enhance levels of competence and standards of professionalism
  • Access to faculty-commissioned and highly relevant research reports and analysis
  • Regular faculty-specific e-bulletins and technical reports
  • Discounts and/or access to relevant faculty-supported partnership events, conferences, exhibitions and publications both on and offline
  • Faculty-specific career pathways and competency frameworks
  • Exchange of ideas, views and best practice via dedicated social networking opportunities.

There are presently four general insurance faculties:

In addition there is also:

CII membership allows you to join one faculty, for free, which can support you
in your particular area of practice be it for example underwriting, claims or insurance broking.

Faculty Advisory Boards

Each faculty has a board made up of key executives from the market whose role is to provide advice, technical expertise, and access to key personnel and advocacy of the CII's professionalism agenda. The board's guidance informs the activities of the faculty, from subjects for events, research and analysis as part of comprehensive CPD offerings, and board members also act as advocates for the faculty, the CII and the profession.

Objectives of the Advisory Board

To be technical advisor to support the CII as required
To advise on current market issues with a view to possible future developments of the CII's offering in the area of the faculty
To offer advice on how to ensure the customer's interests are secured in the area of the faculty   
To assist with the promotion of the Faculty and increasing professional standards
To act as advocates for CII membership, its qualifications and ethical code both internally and externally
To ensure that the industry benefits from initiatives developed by its professional body that are relevant, topical and meet specific customer and industry needs.
To ensure that members have relevant and accessible support for their professional development.
To provide a source of additional expertise and experience, and to provide input and nominations for working parties which might be established from time to time in order to consider specific issues and inform particular initiatives.
There will be at least four physical meetings a year but others may be arranged as required.
The CII will provide management and administrative support, record and circulate minutes and action points.


The appointment of the Advisory Board members will be made by the CII
The chair will be appointed by the CII.
There will be an average of 12 board members for each faculty, representing the different types and sizes of operation within the faculty area.

Members of the boards will ideally represent the full range of companies, in terms of size and market coverage, with board members typically t heads of function in terms of the faculties area of specialism, opinion formers and influencers in both their own businesses and across the market. 

The selection of board members takes three typical routes:

1)  Direct Contact
2)  Recommendation
3)  Individual approach

1) The director of faculties may be contacted directly by anybody in the market that wishes to be considered for a role on a faculty board and to support the aims of the CII.  Contact details are available on the CII website for each faculty on the dedicated faculty section eg:

2) In some cases, for instance when a faculty board member steps down or changes company, or if a company type would improve the balance of market coverage, the company are approached, either via head of function or via the communications team if they would like to nominate somebody within their business to sit on the board.

3) In some cases, the director of faculties/existing faculty board members will approach individuals within the market, based on their existing  market profile and position, to ask if they would consider sitting on a faculty board.

The CII is a diverse organisation which welcomes people from all backgrounds and does not tolerate discriminatory behaviour.

The CII supports diversification and whilst applications from members of all backgrounds will be welcomed, we would particularly like to encourage applications from the following under-represented groups:
• women;
• ethnic minorities;
• members with a disability under the Equality Act;
• minority faiths or beliefs
• minority sexual orientations

Once a potential board member has been identified the following process takes place:
a) A meeting is held with the potential member and the director of faculties in order to explain the level of commitment required, the objectives and aims and to outline previous and future output of the faculty board.  As the CII is committed to equality and diversity all board meetings and timings are flexible and will take into consideration individual circumstances.
b) The next stage is to share previous meeting minutes with the new board member and invite them to the next available board meeting.
c) The new member is introduced to the rest of the board members at the next available board meeting.

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Ant Gould

Ant Gould, director of faculties, CII 

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