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Remote invigilation

This page provides information for candidates who are booked to take an exam by remote invigilation.

Technical requirements

Check if your equipment is suitable  

Important: Scroll down the equipment test page, fill out the form to connect to a live technician and ask for a full system check.

Please make sure that you are using the current version of your browser and have downloaded the ProctorU extension available for Chrome or Firefox. Safari is not compatible with CII testing software.

Visit ProctorU for full system requirements.

View the video demo. Please note that some details may differ for CII exams (e.g. acceptable ID) - full details are given below.

Logging in

We strongly recommend you familiarise yourself with the online exam interface ahead of your exam. Please note this currently only works in Internet Explorer.

Your confirmation email will contain a link to “My CII”, use this or log into “My CII” directly. Click on the “Access Your Exam” link beside your scheduled exam within the “Booking and results” section of “My CII” where you will see the “Start Exam” button. Click this to access your exam 5 minutes before the date and time indicated. A start button will appear 2 minutes before your scheduled start time. You will not be able to access your exam any earlier than this.

You should log in 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. PLEASE NOTE: it will take up to 30 MINUTES to set the exam up and undertake the required checks.

You may not be allowed to take your exam if you are late logging in.

Important information

  • If you are allowed to use tax tables or the lender’s criteria and product list these can be found on the support exam documents page
  • The lighting of your room should be of daylight quality and overhead lighting is preferred. If overhead lighting is not possible, please make sure that your light source is not directly behind you because it will make it difficult for your invigilator to see you
  • Have one of the following forms of ID ready – you will need to show this to the invigilator and cannot take the exam without it:
    • Current passport
    • Current national identity document containing your photograph and signature (this excludes UK National Identity Cards)
    • Current company identification card containing both your photograph and signature
    • Current driving licence containing your photograph and signature
  • Bring a reflective surface such as a large mirror, or mobile phone so you can show the edges of your monitor to your invigilator (Note: you will be required to remove any mobile phones after this step and before starting your exam).
  • Toilet breaks are not allowed so please ensure you go before the start of your examination.  If you require an adjustment to this rule please apply here.
  • Close all programs, applications and websites unless instructed to open them by the invigilator for the purpose of taking the exam
  • Ensure that your exam is held in a well lit, quiet and private location and that no one is allowed in the room
  • Remove any hats, sunglasses and headphones
  • Remove all notes from the workspace
  • Remove any mobile phones, tablets or smart watches from the room
  • Remove any computers, electronic devices or laptops that are not connected with the live exam
  • Remove any physical calculators
  • No food may be taken or consumed in the room where you are taking the exam
  • Drinks – you are allowed a bottle of water or similar, but the label must be removed
  • Hearing aids are only permitted when requested prior to the sitting

Please also read our further examination policies which also apply.

By entering any examination with the CII you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Frequently asked questions

For more information, please read the remote invigilation FAQs.