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Reimagining the London market post pandemic


Publication date:

20 April 2021

Last updated:

18 June 2021


Matthew Moore ACII, President & Managing Director, Liberty Special Markets (Chair, London Market Group)

In this Insurance Institute of London (IIL) London market webinar, Matthew Moore ACII, President & Managing Director, Liberty Special Markets (Chair, London Market Group), explored the challenges and opportunities facing the London Market in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, incorporating insights from Liberty Specialty Markets’ own survey data on market interactions.

The London Market is at a crossroads, facing once-in-a-lifetime choices. Covid-19 has accelerated existing changes and raised critical new questions. Will we continue to embrace and develop the digital ways of meeting and working developed out of necessity over the past year, or revert to face-to-face meetings as the norm? What will our decisions mean to different stakeholders in our ecosystem? How can we support and drive plans to enhance inclusion and sustainability? There will be new demands from our customers for different products and services - how will London react? What characteristics does London have that will make a difference?

In this session, Matthew discussed these questions and more, incorporating data-driven insights from LSM’s internal research – as he explored reimagining the London market post pandemic.

By the end of this webinar members would have gained an insight into:

  • The opportunities and challenges facing stakeholders in the London market ecosystem
  • Some of the key choices we will need to make, and their potential impact on our collective and individual futures and success
  • Data-driven insights into preferences and expectations on market interactions post-Covid-19


Duration: 42 minutes

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