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Enquiry service

The CII Knowledge enquiry service is intended to provide you with timely, accurate and up-to-date information in response to your information needs, whether a short enquiry, in-depth research or assistance in using resources.

Information is drawn from the CII Knowledge collections, from our online resources, and through access or referral to sources outside these collections. Information will be provided with supporting documents in the form of bibliographies and links to online resources.

Our staff are committed to provide assistance to users in order to promote greater self-sufficiency in the use of CII Knowledge resources. Instruction is provided via email and online instruction aids. 

Scope of service

  • The service is available for members and non-members. Service to members receives priority over other duties
  • Staff do not provide answers to technical enquiries, tax, legal, financial or career advice. On receipt of such queries, staff will if possible signpost users to the best suited resources to help users find the answer to their enquiry
  • Enquiries are taken over the telephone or via email
  • Email or telephone requests will be dealt with on a first come first served basis
  • Enquiries will be replied to or acknowledged within 2 working days
  • All enquiries are treated in strict confidence
  • Staff relies upon information obtained from reputable and up to date sources in order to give the most accurate and authoritative answers
  • Should an enquiry prove to be beyond the scope of the available resources, the user will, if possible, be referred to better suited libraries or agencies
  • Staff will cite the source of the information provided


Please call 020 8989 8464 or email