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CPD Essentials

Tackling compliance one hour at a time

CPD Essentials is a complete, user-friendly adviser learning and development tool. It is simple to use, and all delivered online, on-demand.

Available for a single annual fee of £75 +VAT, with no hidden extras, this provides you with 12 months unlimited access to the full adviser Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.* 

*CPD Essentials is not suitable for users of Financial ASSESS as the same technical learning content is present within both. 

If you currently use the CPD planning and recording tool available to PFS members please read the FAQs for further information, as there is currently no functionality to migrate information between CPD Essentials and this tool. 


  • 35 hours of relevant CPD content
  • Covers RDR level 4 learning outcomes in full
  • Satisfies the SPS CPD requirement
  • Additional monthly updates
  • Online, on-demand access
  • Automatic recording of CPD undertaken
  • The option to record activity undertaken outside CPD Essentials 

There are 28 individual e-briefing programmes (PDF) providing concise, current, straightforward guidance on each subject area.

*the actual number of hours that it would take to complete all the available learning via CPD Essentials will vary in practice according to the experience and ability of the user.

Monthly updates

Additionally, each month you will gain access to an update, providing a round-up of any recent changes across the six subject areas, to ensure you are kept fully abreast of market developments. 

This content is all created and maintained by subject experts, this provides the latest key information needed by advisers, quickly and without fuss.


A self test facility to allow you to gauge your knowledge as you progress with your CPD. 

Following completion of each e-briefing you can undertake a short pre-set test covering the key learning points. These typically comprise between 10 and 20 multiple-choice questions depending upon the e-briefing in question and are drawn from a bank of more than 2,000 questions. 

This will indicate any gaps in your knowledge, in turn highlighting areas that you need to brush up on using the learning content provided in CPD Essentials.

Planning and recording tool

CPD Essentials includes a planning and recording tool, enabling you to create a plan for your learning. Crucially, it automatically records time spent using CPD Essentials in a format suitable for FCA* and CII/PFS CPD compliance purposes.

The record includes clear guidance on the amount of CPD undertaken, including a split between structured and unstructured so you know what you still have to do to achieve compliance. And any additional CPD activity you may undertake outside of CPD Essentials can be recorded to give you a single collated complete record.

*if you are a member of an accredited body other than the CII, we recommend that, prior to purchase, you confirm that they will recognise for CPD compliance purposes learning undertaken via CPD Essentials.

Further information

Contact us with details of your CPD Essentials enquiry, including your name and telephone number, and we'll call you back.

Alternatively, call CII Customer Service on +44 (0)20 8989 8464.

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