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Take your organisation’s training and development to the next level.

Mortgage Assess is an online training and competency solution designed for the mortgage sector. It has all the information and tools in one easy-to-use system.

Discover how Mortgage Assess can develop and assess knowledge across the different product and technical areas. It also helps your organisation meet its regulatory requirements with inbuilt CPD and reporting functionality.

Regulation and Compliance

Staying fresh with regulation and compliance has never been more critical. With over 35 regulatory courses to choose from, Mortgage Assess builds and checks knowledge across your organisation to help stay ahead of regulatory demands.


Mortgage Assess content is divided into intuitive catalogues on key aspects of the profession. Catalogues include Mortgage and Home Finance, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Health and Protection and more.


Mortgage Assess has over 80 courses for your business, covering a range of topics from buying a house, the legal process, mortgage products and giving advice to regulatory requirements. Courses are continually updated throughout the year.

Diagnostics and Testing

Diagnostics, gap analysis, assessments and recruitment tests - with over 1,000 questions to help meet all your compliance requirements.


Quality reporting drives performance and success. You can build reports or select from pre-built reports and view activities in progress. Detailed dashboards bring training data to life and users can complete development needs and reflective statements online. 

Learning Management System

Mortgage Assess is a powerful platform packed with features to help you allocate, manage, record and report on learning completed on the system. You can also record CPD, schedule activities and monitor staff activity.

Insurance Distribution Directive

Mortgage Assess has pre-built IDD core pathways which include the compulsory modules to help you with IDD compliance.

EU Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD)

The Mortgage Credit Directive outlines the EU conduct rules that apply to mortgage firms and applies equally to first and second charge mortgages. Our Mortgage and Home Finance catalogue helps you understand and meet these requirements.

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