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Trainer accreditation

We have closed this accreditation scheme to new entrants and will be retiring the scheme for current accredited trainers in 2019.

An individual trainer can be accredited by the CII, providing a quality 'kitemark' for those delivering technical courses in insurance and / or financial planning.

The trainers on the following page have successfully achieved CII Trainer Accreditation, having demonstrated a high standard of their technical knowledge, training ability and industry experience.

They have been successful in a rigorous, independent review, benchmarked against the CII Trainer Accreditation standards, which included a review of the following:

  • Relevant subject and sector knowledge
  • Training design and delivery skills
  • Course planning and organisational skills
  • Professionalism

CII Trainer Accreditation is subject to an annual review, ensuring that all holders of this award are required to ensure they continue to meet these standards on an ongoing basis.

CII Trainer Accreditation is aimed at trainers within a company training team and individual trainers, for example, freelance trainers.

There are three levels of accreditation:

  • Introductory technical trainer
  • Intermediate technical trainer
  • Advanced technical trainer

Trainers are assessed on areas including industry technical knowledge and experience, training design and development skills and training delivery skills.


  • Provides independent, industry recognised benchmarking of training skills and experience
  • Provides evidence of your ability to deliver high quality training - enhancing your professional reputation
  • Supports recruitment and retention of trainers
  • Assists in winning business
  • Provides recommendations for your CPD activity

The process

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Stage 1: CII review of trainer application
Stage 2: Training observation, interview with trainer
Stage 3 Benchmarking and measurement against standards
Stage 4 Accreditation panel sign-off
Stage 5 Written confirmation of decision and feedback (certification if successful)
Stage 6 Annual/Ongoing review work