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Thank you for considering CII recognition of prior learning. You may be eligible to claim exemptions for relevant exams and qualifications obtained through other professional bodies or universities. Subject to the published qualification completion requirements these can be used to help you achieve CII qualifications more quickly.

Standard prior learning awards for business, law and maths degrees

If you hold a degree or professional qualification in a relevant subject, for example, accounting, business, law, finance, management or maths, you could receive credits that count towards completion of a CII qualification. Details of our standard and most common prior learning awards – university degrees in business, law or maths related subjects – are covered in the following document:

Standard prior learning awards - UK and non-UK degrees (PDF)

Prior learning awards for other qualifications

You can search below for all other UK degrees, non-UK degrees and professional qualifications that we have recently reviewed.

If you can't find your particular qualification, we suggest submitting an application anyway – we'll advise next steps once we receive your application form, results transcript and completion certificate.

Please enter your awarding body and qualification names as they appear on your qualification documentation. If the names within the drop down list do not match your documentation:

  • University business, law or maths degrees: Please select the 'Other UK university' / 'Other non-UK university' and the relevant 'not listed' qualification entry within the drop down menu.
  • Other awarding bodies and/or qualifications: Please type the names as they appear within your qualifications documentation.

Multiple non-CII qualifications

If you have multiple qualifications, whether they are from the same awarding body or different awarding bodies, please make one application per qualification.

Please do not make applications for professional bodies' membership levels, titles or professional designations (post-nominals). We don't make prior learning awards for membership but you may apply based on the qualifications that entitled you to the membership levels, titles and professional designations (post-nominals).

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Step 1: Please choose the CII qualification framework you wish to work towards: *

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We haven’t recently reviewed this qualification and so we are unable to provide an indication of your eligibility to CII recognition of prior learning. Please submit an online application along with all your certified documentation so that we can advise you of the next steps.

We haven’t reviewed qualifications from this awarding body. Please submit an online application along with all your certified documentation so that we can advise you of the next steps.

We haven't reviewed this qualification from this awarding body. Please submit an online application along with all your certified documentation so that we can advise you of the next steps.

Based on the information provided the maximum recognition of prior learning award is below:

* Some awards require you to have passed specific exams or modules within your qualification. Where these are required they are listed.

You may be eligible for:
Exam or module requirements, if applicable
Important Information

This information is provided for guidance and gives an indication of the maximum recognition of prior learning award you may be eligible for if you were to apply today.

CII recognition of prior learning awards are made on an individual, case by case basis, determined by the match to current CII qualifications on the date an application is submitted. The award takes into account any CII units you have passed and / or recognition of prior learning previously awarded.

In order to provide confirmation of eligibility to recognition of prior learning we require an applicant to submit a fully completed application. Recognition of prior learning awards change as qualifications and the CII recognition of prior learning strategy evolve. We recommend that candidates apply promptly on completing non-CII qualifications.

Before you submit your recognition of prior learning application please ensure you have scanned certified copies of your documentation.
We can only process your application where you provide all the required documentation. If your application is incomplete, we will not be able to progress it and you would need to submit a new application.

Your application documentation needs to include certified copies of your:
1. Qualification completion (e.g. graduation) certificate
2. Results transcript or letter from your awarding body confirming your exam passes.

Copies MUST be certified by either:
• a current member of the CII or Personal Finance Society (PFS); or
• a public notary or solicitor;
self-certified documents will not be accepted.

If you have more than one CII PIN (Permanent Identity Number) please call Customer Service before you make an application. This will help ensure your full qualification record appears on a single record.


Please read the important information and have all documentation ready before you start your application.

Prepare your documentation now.