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Application process

Follow these steps to ensure your application meets the requirements and to avoid having to re-apply.

Stage 1 - Check your eligibility

Check whether we have recently reviewed your qualification by entering your qualification details into the exemptions search tool.

Stage 2 - Get your supporting documentation certified

We accept digital qualification certificates and results transcripts as an alternative to paper certificates and results transcripts (scanned electronic copies). Paper versions must be correctly certified as true copies of the originals. Regardless of whether your certificate and results transcripts are digital or paper, copies must be uploaded into the application form.

CII staff may certify copies as true representations where they have seen the original documents; however, most applicants find it more straightforward to ask other CII or Personal Finance Society members (or solicitors or notaries) to do so. This approach means they can enclose the certified documentation within a single upload to the CII.

Digital qualification certificates and results transcripts

Some awarding bodies provide digital certificates and results transcripts containing links to verification software whereas others only provide external links (you don't see the documents). 

  1. Digital documents containing links to verification software: please upload the pdf documents within the CII application form. Do not provide a printed or scanned copy because CII will need to use the embedded links to verify authenticity.
  1. Web / email links to an external website: where you don’t see the document itself, you would need to ask a CII or personal Finance Society member or solicitor or notary to access your certificate and results transcript, save the documents and certify them as true copies. You should then follow the instructions for scanned supporting documentation (see below).

Scanned qualification certificates and results transcripts

Make copies of your supporting documentation and show the copies, together with the original documents, to the person certifying them as true copies.

Ensure the person certifying that your evidence is a current CII / Personal Finance Society member, a public notary or a solicitor. You can check CII / Personal Finance Society membership status at If their membership has lapsed, we will not accept the evidence.

Your application documentation must include:

  1. A certified copy of your qualification completion certificate (eg graduation certificate)
  2. A certified copy of your results transcript confirming your exam passes
  3. A certified copy of the official document confirming your change of name, eg marriage certificate or deed poll (where appropriate)

If the person certifying is a member, they must write their name, CII PIN number and handwritten signature on the copy of each document. Solicitors and public notaries must include their contact details (including employer name, work address and telephone number) in place of the CII PIN number. It is your responsibility to ensure these details are legible.

Please refer to the RPL Documentation FAQs for further details if required.

To be eligible, your application must include all the required documentation. If your application is incomplete, we will not progress it and you would need to submit a new application.

If you are experiencing difficulty getting your documentation certified during the Covid-19 pandemic, please refer to the certifying supporting documentation page.

Stage 3 - Make your on-line application

  • Upload your certified supporting documentation
  • The scanned file name must not contain spaces, wildcards or special characters. Max file size: 20MB

Stage 4 - CII verifies your application and confirms next steps

  • If we have recently determined an award for your qualification – we will confirm your award eligibility decision by email.
  • If we have not recently determined an award for your qualification - we will identify whether we require additional qualification material (e.g. syllabus, specimen exams). If so, we will email you to request this material. On receipt we will review and confirm your eligibility decision by email.

Stage 5 - Claim your prior learning award

If you are eligible for an award, you contact CII Customer Service (tel: +44 (0) 20 8989 8464) to claim and pay for the credits.

Stage 6 - View your updated CII learning statement

Once you have claimed your award, your CII learning record will be updated. You can obtain your updated learning statement by visiting our learning statement request page.


If your application is successful, a fee per CII credit is payable before the prior learning is awarded:

  • CII / Personal Finance Society members – £4 per CII credit
  • Non-members – £7 per CII credit

We will advise you the correct fee based on the number of credits and your membership status. Please do not send payment in advance.