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Policy and Public Affairs

Financial Capability: the Public’s Perspective in the Current Economic Climate »
The deterioration in the financial climate over the past 12 months has eroded consumers' confidence in their own financial security, with 58% of consumers either disagreeing (33%) or disagreeing strongly (25%) that they feel more financially secure. Despite the deterioration in the financial climate over the past 12 months only one in ten consumers agree to some extent that they are worried that their home might be repossessed while 84% are not worried at all. Concern about home repossession is more marked among lower income households, 17% of whom are anxious about their home being taken away from them. Some of these anxieties could well be self-made, resulting from reckless, uninformed borrowing without sufficient regard to the risk of an increase in interest rates. Three quarters of consumers agree (48%) or agree strongly (27%) that people in the UK are very naive when it comes to financial matters. It is therefore unsurprising that nearly all consumers (96%) agree to some extent that basic financial literacy should be taught in schools.
Pitt Review: Learning lessons from the 2007 Floods »
After the floods of 2007, which claimed 13 lives and affected 23 English counties, plus parts of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Sir Michael Pitt was asked to carry out a review of the country's flood defences. His full report was puyblished on 25 June 2008, and contained 92 recommendations, including four directly concerning the insurance industry.
Insurance block exemption, financial capability and global financial stability »
This briefing updates on recent developments in Europe and internationally, namely: review of the insurance block exemption that applies to European competition law; work on financial capability including a call for members for a new expert group; and UK and international responses on global financial stability
CII Membership Skills Survey 2008 »
This survey was an online survey conducted by the CII Group. The questions were sent to all qualified CII & PFS members from the UK. The survey was a follow up to last year's members' skills survey and will now become an annual undertaking. 3511 members responded to the survey. 834 of these were employers. This is a significant increase on the 2007 survey which received 659 responses (103 of whom were employers).
Regulating insurance and levelling the solvency playing field in an uncertain financial world »
This briefing updates on more recent developments and dialogue on Solvency II, especially in the light of the US sub-prime crisis. It also summarises some other notable financial services developments.
Addressing financial inequality: money guidance »
The term "money guidance" (MG), formerly known as generic financial advice, can be applied to a wide range of services, from the giving of very basic information such as how to open a bank account, to more detailed knolwedge in pensions and long-term investment.
Policy briefing: Budget 2008 »
The current chancellor's first Budget came as no major surprise to most sectors. The following points are especially relevant to the financial services and insurance industry:Reforms to financial services taxation: measures include insurance taxation, Islamic finance, the Thoresen review and the upcoming financial capability action plan.
Policy briefing: FSA business plan 2008 »
The FSA published on 6 February its 2008 Business Plan which sets out its priorities for the coming year and attempts to address the risks highlighted in its recent Financial Risk Outlook. The document details the FSA's plans regarding heightened supervisory oversight in areas such as firms' liquidity.
FSA Financial Risk Outlook 2008 »
The FSA published on 29 January its 2008 Financial Risk Outlook describing the issues which, in its view, pose a risk to the market. After a summary of the UK and global economic climate, it discusses the priority risks, and examines other sector-specific risks. This study is part of an annual process which feeds into the regulator's business plan expected on 5 February ...
Generic financial advice and the Thoresen Review »
Over the last several years, various stakeholders have discussed the development of a new class of unregulated but personalised basic finance planning that would be accessible to all consumers through a national information and guidance service.
CII Membership Skills Survey 2007 »
- There has been a decline in skills levels. This has resulted in an industry shortage of skills and it is assumed that this situation will worsen as the demand for qualified employees is set to increase. What can be done to combat this issue and ensure that the industry's demand for qualified employees can be met?
Insurance and climate change »
This paper examines climate change mitigation and adaptation from an insurance industry perspective, with particular reference to London and the USA. 



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