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How to recognise different resources

Difference types of resource are available to access via Discovery. Most are available online, but some are not. This guide describes the different types of resource available.

Quick links

Online resources
    Research starters
    Premium articles and reports

Offline resources
    CII library catalogue records
    Article citations 


Online resources

Research starters

Research starters are available for some popular topics. They are citeable, authoritative summary articles, designed to assist users with their research.

Reserach Starters


If a Research Starter placard appears on the result list, as in the example above, simply click the article title or the "More" button to read about the topic or find related articles and images.


Discovery includes an expanding collection of over 1,000 eBooks, on insurance, financial services, management and other related topics.

Ebook results look like this:

 Ebook Record

You have the option to:

  • click the title to find out more information about the ebook;
  • click the "eBook Full Text" link to view the text online;
  • click "Download (Offline)" to download the ebook, if it is available. For information on how to download an ebook to PC or tablet, please see the user guide on How to donwload ebooks.

eBooks can be downloaded for up to seven at a time, and returned if you no longer have need of them.

Articles and reports

There are thousands of articles and reports available online via Discovery. Online article records look like this:

Article Record

You have the option to:

  • click the title to find out more information about the article or report;
  • click the "PDF Full Text" link to view the text online.

Articles available via third-party databases

Articles available via third-party databases will look like this:

 Third Party Record

You have the option to:

  • click the title to find out more information about the article or report;
  • click the "View this record from ..." link to view the text online. This will take you to a third-party site.


When viewing the text online, you are presented with the following options:

Types of resource 4

Add to folder - allows you to add it to your personal folder to easily recover later. See the separate user guide on how to create a folder in Discovery.


Email - sometimes it is possible to email the details of articles to yourself and others, but not normally possible to email the actual articles.

Save - due to how the access works, it is not possible to save copies of the actual articles this way. This functionality allows you to save a record of the citation.

Cite - if you wish to see how to cite an article or report

Export - export a copy of the citation to citation managers such as Mendeley or EndNote.

Permalink - please ignore this functionality.

Share - share citation details about the article via social media, citation managers and other channels. 

Offline resources

CII library catalogue records

CII library catalogue records show books, articles and journals available in the CII Library in London. 

They are not available online - please see the pages about the CII library on our website for further details about how to borrow or view books from the library, or how to request copies of articles.

CII Library records will look like this:

Book Record

The record will tell you:

  • where the item is held;
  • what the shelfmark (Call No.) is;
  • if it is currently in the Library (In) or on loan (Out) or for reference only (Reference only). 
  • basic details about the book, article or journal.

If you wish to see further information about the resource, click on "Retrieve Catalogue Item" to see the full record in the library catalogue.

Please note that any records with a shelfmark containing the word "BOX" will be held off-site, are for reference only and may take up to a week to retrieve.

Article citations

Discovery will also show citations of articles or books that are not available online or via the CII library catalogue. Citations include title, author, date and abstract. It may be that you can request these items via interlibrary loan through your local public library.

Article citations will look like this:

 Types of resource 7

Note that there are no PDF or HTML links to click on, and no information about catalogue records.

This service is only really of use to users conducting an exhaustive literature review or who are searching for something about which there is very little information.

For convenience, article citation results are by default removed from search. You will only see these articles if you have unticked the "Available in Library Collection" in search options:

Search Options

Please note: "Library collection" consists of all content available online through Discovery, plus everything available in the CII library catalogue. When selected, it allows users to limit search results to records whose full text is available online or content physically available in our library.


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