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SPD – example 2

Example 2

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After attainment of Associateship Diploma in 1988, I had just moved to a foremost British Company, Minet Nigeria (Insurance

Brokers) where I was sure of getting deep professional training within few years and progress towards Fellowship through the examination route which was then the system. Thus between 1990 and 1992, I have passed 4 out of 5 papers required for the Fellowship Diploma with dispensation from the last one but failed to submit the final dissertation. Shortly later for about 2 to 3years, I was locked down by a protracted illness which practically incapacitated me. After recuperation, methinks having completed the written examinations, I can submit the dissertation anytime and apply for election but that did not happen so soon because I left Minet Nigeria for a smaller Company where duties and responsibilities were higher for another 8 years, I lost concentration. However, I’ve stopped paying CII London subscription because it became compulsory to pay our local Institute (IIN) but still hoping to apply for election when I desire. A new attempt initiated about 4 years ago revealed that  Fellowship process has changed totally but, I must re-apply because I have continued to practice Insurance and remain in the industry ever since I qualified as ACII in 1988.


My decision to seek Fellowship Diploma was 2 phased, the first attempt was in 1990 when I registered for Fellowship examinations with the hindsight that it will be advantageous for me  because there were very few FCII in Nigeria at that time thus within 3years,[1990-1992] the examination was completed  but without  submission of  required dissertation, the opportunity was forfeited. The second phase which is more active and dominant plan was set for 2 years in 2014 and seems quite achievable with my current employment as CEO for more than 2 decades ably supported by qualified and loyal staff who remain my strength. My job entails mainly supervision of daily activities from general broking to admin/accounts the responsibilities are ever dynamic and job role requiring daily improvement thus the Fellowship plan and its attainment was to improve my rating, professional recognition and add value to my managerial ability as an Insurance Broker.  My major achievement post ACII was  M.Sc in Banking and Finance obtained few years after completing the ACII (with the thesis on financial intermediation role of Insurance in an Economy) it taught me how to manage and grow any business especially in financial performance. Setting time frame for achieving personal and official objectives and how to go about them are easier with my current job role and the Fellowship plan just created opportunity to focus on attainment of the set goals.

Changes to Plan

Because it was easy to get job even without advance Certificate in 1992 when I finished the Fellowship examination coupled with the illness I suffered, my attention to complete the dissertation and election process then was distracted, with the loss of CII membership for years, I have to re-register, re-strategize and set a new plan between September 2014 and September 2015 to complete the election having reviewed the post-1992 requirements. With a postgraduate degree as personal achievement, everything seems good but shortly after my enrolment in 2014, I became the Honorary Treasurer of Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers which saddled me with day to day running of the Council’s finance for a tenure of two years involving travelling round the Country when added to the daily activities of my Office and frail health, coping became difficult resulting to delay in completing each stage of the process. I have to extend the target period of completion to April 2017 which was achieved but SPD rejected thrice for reworking.


Completing each stage of the Fellowship plan posed new learning challenges for me except the major achievement completed many years ago but unknowingly, it prepared me for future tasks like this. Though as a CEO, I have reached the peak in employment but dynamism and ability to manage change are required to be on top and these are among things learnt during the Fellowship process furthermore, I enjoyed privileges as facilitator at Conferences, Trainings and Seminars, where a higher qualification than ACII is required especially in the areas of business ethics which is the main issue with businesses (including  Insurance) in Nigeria today. The BEP came at a time when various codes of corporate governance were introduced in Nigeria business sector thus widening my knowledge. The BEP and CPD requirements are tasking but invaluable introductions for Fellowship qualification but having to rework the SPD almost frustrated me to abandon the entire process. Today, other professionals I mentor or tutor especially my staff benefit from things I have learnt during the fellowship process including gains and disappointments.

Key Skills and Knowledge Acquired

I never appreciated case studies in past examinations but, now found them to be fantastic management tools especially business ethics model and corporate governance which now drive my professional dealings, and decision-making. My management decision and managerial ability have improved and affected ways of doing things in its entirety this shows that BEP is not just for academic purpose. The CPD requirements have compelled me to take participation in professional activities and recording same more seriously making it easy to meet local MCPD requirements.  A short course in MDRI (Market Deepening Research Initiative) to help expand areas of potential business for insurance industry, replace apathy/lack of trust by the Public with confidence through dialogue for the benefits of NCRIB members and Insurance Industry prompted many ethical issues culminating in my appointment for two years as the Honorary Auditor for NCRIB. Attending local and overseas training including CII courses were prompted by the CPD which has improved my knowledge, confidence and level of expertise.


Intentions for the Future

I have always been driven by quest for growth and justification of why I should hold any office. I therefore do everything legitimate to grow myself among which are advanced learning, trainings and career development which is yielding impressive results and the tempo must be sustained because I want my achievements to be identifiable in all ramifications. I intend to take a higher degree in Insurance/Risk Management and possibly another in Law as soon as time permits but growing my Company to enviable height in the next few years is paramount in my mind. In the immediate, expansion of technology base to enhance market penetration and satisfactory Clients Services are my focus therefore, new skills and continuous professional development are desirable for me to achieve these so, I will not relent at seeking them.