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Exam familiarisation

The information below shows how we help you prepare and familiarise yourself with the PSI exam platform.

Familiarisation test

The familiarisation test allows you to experience using the assessment platform before your exam.​​ You can try the familiarisation test at any time by clicking here. Please note, although based on AF1, this example test is designed for all candidates and while there might be slight differences in layout it will give you a good idea of how to navigate and use the platform functionality.

Demonstration test

The demonstration test is designed to allow you before the day to go through the end to end process from logging in to answering test questions. You can try the demonstration test once you have received your login details.

Please note you are strongly advised not to use a laptop provided by your employer

Laptops and IT equipment provided by your employer typically include security protocols that conflict with any remote invigilation software. You should also avoid using a corporate Wi-Fi or any other internet connection that may include firewalls that you cannot personally control.