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Financial Services Professional

Level 6 - England

Course Summary

The financial advice market consists of around 19,000 SME businesses, with roughly 75% offering general financial advice and 25% offering mortgage advice. These businesses are supported by umbrella organisations, known as networks, that provide a range of support services in areas such as technology and compliance. This apprenticeship helps employees gain the skills needed to provide this support.

Start date: Flexible

Level: 6

Duration: 36 – 42 Months

Delivery: Blended

Assessment: On-programme and end-point assessment

Qualification: CII Advanced Diploma

Entry requirements: A levels (or equivalent) or existing relevant Level 3 qualifications

Who is it for?

This is a Core and Options model, where the shared knowledge, skills and behaviours are covered in the core, with the specific technical knowledge and skills required for each role being covered in the single chosen option.

Below is an overview of the role and typical job titles covered by each option:


These are junior management level roles working within the operational and administrative areas of businesses in the sector. These roles are in most areas of financial services, where transactional and process management is needed, and require a significant level of technical and sector skill and knowledge in order to deliver successfully. The role may sit within a number of different specialist business functions such as customer service, global payments, investment operation transactions, product control, and change management. Typically at this level the role will be starting to lead teams and managing service delivery.

Typical Job Titles: Operations Manager, Operations Team Lead, Product Controller Lead, Business Performance Manager

Workplace Pensions

The roles in this part of the sector are positioned within specialist workplace pensions businesses, or, in-house teams who are responsible for managing the workplace pension scheme of the organisation. The roles provide support to clients/customers on an administrative or consultancy basis within the very complex world of workplace pensions. At this level, the role may contain both the admin and consultancy elements. In particular, the roles require a sound understanding of both the general principles and structures of workplace pension schemes, together with the specifics for their clients/customers, as much variation is possible between clients/customers.

Typical Job Titles: Pensions Consultant, Pensions Manager, Senior Pensions Administrator, Administration Manage

What will they learn?

This apprenticeship covers a wide range of roles, including internal-facing operational management and externally focused client management. All of these require very strong technical competence, and the ability to apply this to a variety of scenarios, depending on the size, specialism and business model of the apprentice’s employer.

Assessment - CII Advanced Diploma Exams

During the course (‘on-programme’) and at the end (‘end-point assessment’). Studying towards this qualification also involves off-the-job training and maintaining a training file in line with the employer’s performance management process.

Technical information

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