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Apprentice responsibilities

The apprentice will undertake on-the-job and off-the-job training, developing the knowledge, skills and behaviours to be occupationally competent.

At Enrolment

Take ownership of your journey towards End Point Assessment at the beginning of the apprenticeship.

Sign an apprenticeship agreement and commitment statement with your employer and training provider.

On Programme

Ensure you understand the knowledge, skills and behaviours you’re required to learn and develop.

Stay on track with your learning and take part in progress reviews with your employer.

Know where to access the resources available to you and prepare for Gateway and End Point Assessment.

At Gateway

Attend a Gateway meeting with your training provider and employer.

Discuss occupational competence and readiness for End Point Assessment.

Ensure all the Gateway evidence has been completed, signed and submitted.

During End Point Assessement

Read the guidance provided and give yourself time to prepare for your End Point Assessment.

Make sure your assessment evidence is submitted by the deadline.