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Our priorities in 2021

Annual report 2020

We have made considerable progress delivering our purpose and vision over the last 5 years, however we recognise that there are three core areas which need more work:

  • improving our provision of relevant learning;
  • becoming an effective international organisation; and
  • engendering the right people skills and culture.

We are now working to a three-year plan to “finish what we started” and “build back better post Covid”.

In addition, there are other complementary initiatives that we are focussed on delivering in 2021:

1. Roll out of The Professional Map

This is a strategic framework replacing and broadening our existing competency framework. We have spent the last 18 months interviewing and collating content and views from more than 200 market and HR leaders to map out the skills, knowledge and behaviours they believe businesses and individuals will need now and in the future. We will use this to ensure that our existing and future learning, CPD and qualifications meet the market's needs and help businesses and individuals to identify and fill their gaps.

2. New UK business hub and new office in Dubai

In September 2020 we announced that, along with the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, we had reviewed our property footprints following the pandemic and jointly taken a decision for the CII to sub-let part of the CISI’s existing office space at the prime location of 20 Fenchurch Street (known as the ‘Walkie Talkie’) from early 2021. The CII had already established an anytime, anywhere approach to working, which has enabled this move to take place. The building is situated at the heart of the investment and insurance profession in the City of London, and has already proved an ideal location for CISI. This will bring two not-for-profit Chartered bodies, both members of the Chartered Body Alliance, physically closer together and will allow them to continue to best serve their members and customers in a new era. The CII and CISI will remain legally separate. The CII currently has offices in South Woodford and Lombard Street in central London. Both premises were vacated at the end of 2020 and it is likely the move to our single office at Fenchurch Street will take place in mid-2021.

In addition, the CII will open a new office in Dubai within the Lloyds platform at the Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) to support our strategy in the Middle East. This is another tangible sign of the partnership forged by the agreement made in 2019 by the three organisations for the CII to provide training for the DIFC Academy.

3. Launch of Personal Finance Society Asia Pacific

Early in 2020 the Personal Finance Society Asia Pacific was launched with a remit to lead the financial planning community towards higher levels of professionalism exhibited through technical knowledge, client service and ethical practice in the region. The opportunity is massive, with 27,000 regulated advisers in the UK, 130,000 in Hong Kong, and 8.5m in China.

4. Launch of President’s Forum

Risks are more connected, more complex and less tangible than at any time in modern insurance history, with the backdrop of public opinion becoming ever more vocal and volatile. With the President’s Forum we are looking to explore what we as a profession can do to respond to the resultant challenges and opportunities, addressing the increasing unmet needs of our customers and clients. We will be looking specifically at the professional environment, identifying what strengths and weaknesses there are in the current skillset of the insurance sector and what can be done to enable the profession to meet the challenges of these evolving risks and changing client needs and to continue to build public trust during this period of great uncertainty. The constituency of the President’s Forum is designed to bring together the breadth of knowledge and experience of our collective Presidents across the CII, the Insurance Institute of London, our UK Local Institute network and our Society Chairs. It will change with each CII Presidential year and will engage leading practitioners and our membership communities.