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Annual report 2020

Responding to the challenges of Covid-19 in March 2020 saw CII colleagues at their best – highly responsive, flexible, and resilient switching to remote working almost overnight. Our focus at that time was in ensuring all colleagues had the resources to do their jobs, were supported in their wellbeing and that people received the training and development to work and manage in the new world.


In September 2020, ‘Anytime Anywhere’ was launched as the culmination of the work of 9 sprint workstreams to identify and put in place new way of workings to both respond to the challenges of Covid-19 and to seize an opportunity to modernise our ways of working consistent with CII values.

100 people across the organisation volunteered to take part coordinated by a steering group identifying the vision through to implementation.

The outcomes have enabled a significant development in the way that we work, some examples being:

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion:

91% of colleagues shared their data enabling us to identify numerous actions to improve diversity and inclusion at the CII. All actions are now either in progress or complete supporting various aims including increasing the proportion of females at senior leader level and the proportion of males at junior levels as well as well as candidates from ethnic minorities and the disabled. Our new dashboard enables us to track how we are progressing against our targets on a quarterly basis.


Like most organisations the impact of the last year has made the wellbeing of all colleagues of even greater strategic importance. We have designed a new 6-point strategy based on financial, spiritual, social, emotional, physical and intellectual wellbeing with mental wellbeing a common theme supported by our mental health first aiders.

Gender Pay:

We saw a mixed bag this year for gender reporting, with a slight improvement[1] of the gender pay gap (median average) and a significant improvement in the pension pay gap (19%). While the pay gap still remains at 14%[2] and Pension Gap at 11%[3] there is plenty of work underway to further improve. We have also completed more analysis on the seniority gap of females versus males in the organisation this year to understand our data better and undertaken ethnic reporting (19% gap, median average).

Performance and Development:

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely (SMART) goals have been introduced for all colleagues with ‘line of sight’ to the strategy supported by a development plan. We trained up 15 SMART champions across the organisation and all managers have received training for this key theme for 2021 and we drive a culture of high performance and development.

[1] 1.49% deterioration at the mean; [2] Median average; [3] Median average


Everything that we do is measured, we started an employee engagement survey this year that provides us with insight to determine how we are doing and the extent to which the people agenda is driving business results and engaging people. With 2 surveys complete to date we are achieving an average of 78% of colleagues responding favourably to questions across 6 broad categories. Consistent with high-performing organisations however it is the highest standard that we aspire to achieve and the proportion of colleagues that ‘strongly agree’. Against this higher standard we increased levels of engagement from 36% to 45% this year.

Our network groups remain strong with our social committee organising a small and much appreciated gift at the end of the summer for all colleagues and an afternoon of Christmas fun this year completed virtually. We have supported colleagues and managers through a raft of development this year with at least 94% of colleagues attending some form of training and development recognising that virtual working and managing teams remotely is a different skill set. We have also increased communications across the organisation this year with less formal business updates from the executive leadership team encouraging greater conversation and discussion as well as very informally via Microsoft’s social networking tool Yammer where we encourage our people to stay in touch and reach out to others across the organisation.