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Professionalism principles

Developed in conjunction with the employer steering group, the '2016 Life, Pensions and Long Term Savings Professionalism Commitment', sets out high level principles and standards that firms can publically commit to; a framework of professionalism that represents best practice and provides a consistent approach to achieving good customer outcomes.

The 2016 Commitment recognises the diversity of the sector. Consequently, the framework sets out broad principles and invites you to consider how they should be applied to your business.

Signatory firms need to meet the following objectives and measures of company-wide professionalism before the end of 2018.


All signatories to operate policies that:

  • encourage high quality standards of customer service
  • embed the principles of TCF and wider ethical conduct
  • demonstrate a commitment to career development.

People development

All signatories to ensure that staff participate in formal development programmes, which:

  • underpin career development and raise professional standards
  • support the development of knowledge, skills and expertise
  • lead, where relevant, to a professional qualification.

Professional standards

All signatories to embed the following measures of professional capability:


  • To hold professional qualifications where appropriate
  • To hold membership of an appropriate professional body and commit to CPD

Managers and senior technical roles

  • All working towards becoming Diploma qualified or equivalent
  • Minimum Certificate-level qualification or equivalent

Customer facing staff and team leaders

  • The majority working towards Certificate-level or equivalent qualification
  • All new joiners to  complete Award-level qualification or equivalent, committing to a code of ethics and CPD within 12 months of joining

Support along the way

We understand that each organisation's journey towards achieving the standards of professionalism proposed by the 2016 Commitment will be different. The CII can provide guidance and support to help you live up to the spirit of the Commitment in a way that works for your business. 

We will support you at each stage, from identifying the size of the task, to helping construct an achievable plan that allows you to go at your own pace.