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Wellbeing videos and webcasts




Looking after your team through Covid and beyond 

Anthony Villis, Managing Partner, First Wealth and Damien Rylett, CEO, Brunel Capital Partners talk about the importance of making sure their teams are well and energised to deal with their own and client needs.

How to prosper in the pandemic world
Learn how to embrace change as a constant within the financial planning profession, understand why the pandemic has changed the financial planning business landscape forever and hear about the habits the Informed Choice team have embraced during the pandemic to maintain their long-established track record of success.

Help clients be happier not just wealthier
Julie Lord and Chris Budd explore what financial wellbeing means. They share research that has been built up over the years and demonstrate the value that can be added to client relationships by moving the conversation from creating wealth to creating happiness.

Financial wellbeing in the workplace – an opportunity for financial advisers 
Jason Butler explores the what, why and how of financial wellbeing at work. His webinar is rich with information about employment in current times, and with how-to information and resources about helping business owners, employers and employees.



Financial Adviser Wellbeing 
A three-part video series which, 1) outlines the problem facing some financial advisers as they fail to attend to their own mental health, 2) encourages them to make ample time to focus on you and what you want to be and 3) explains how – once you have your own wellbeing in control – it’s time to spread wellbeing to those around you.

Professional Focus: Mental health in the workplace 
We look at what ‘mental health’ means, what causes issues around it and dispel three common myths about mental ill health.

Professional Focus: Mental health in the workplace - Should I be worried? 
We share some truths, and reveal some myths, about mental health – enabling you to navigate this complex and increasingly important area to create a better working environment for you, your colleagues and your employees.



Making the insurance profession more inclusive for those with a history of poor mental health 
In this episode of the podcast we are talking about making the insurance profession more inclusive for those with a history of poor mental health. We are joined by James Moorhouse, Content Manager at the CII, and Claire Russell, CEO and Founder, Mental Health in Business Ltd.