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The meaning of financial wellbeing 
The term ‘financial wellbeing’ is very subjective. It can mean being physically and mentally well, having purpose in your life and having good social relationships. What does this mean for client conversations? Advisers who only concentrate on money, miss significant opportunities to engage clients and be their trusted adviser.

Using principles of financial wellbeing to interact with clients
Your clients want to hear from you more than ever and not necessarily about their investments. How can we use the principles of financial wellbeing to guide how financial advisers interact with clients? Discover five principles now.

A new entry into the financial lexicon of financial wellbeing 
Exploring why the role financial planners has in enabling clients’ financial wellbeing has significant positive knock-on effects into many areas of their general wellbeing. Imagine the impact this might have on society as a whole?

Remote wellbeing - maintaining good mental health at home
Seven top tips to maintain positive wellbeing and interactions while working through lockdown at home.

Need some tips for surviving lockdown in a healthy holistic manner? 
Advice on healthy home working, including how to dress, structure your day and exercise.

Every mind matters – How to look after your wellbeing 
The NHS’s Top 5 Tips for maintaining mental wellbeing during the coronavirus, including a tailored Covid-19 mind plan and other tailored activities.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 
A recap of resources and support available for firms and individuals to promote good wellbeing.



Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic has made death and bereavement headline news for many months. This has meant that working with bereaved clients has become a key issue for many businesses.

These blogs provide insights which will help members and their businesses whose customers and/or clients have suffered a bereavement:

The issues that bereaved people face 
Working to improve four key areas will help customers/clients who are vulnerable for other reasons while also improving the customer experience for everyone.

A life event that causes vulnerability 
How to identify and provide support for people experiencing a bereavement. Being aware of the challenges they face can help businesses to understand why a customer takes a long time to complete paperwork or is struggling send the correct documentation required.

Bereaved customers – first plan and people 
On average, bereaved people have to contact 21 different organisations to cancel contracts and settle outstanding debts or credit balances. How can your organisation improve the experiences of your bereaved customers?

Bereaved customers – first process and paperwork 
In regulated industries such as insurance, there is clearly a need for robust processes that comply with current regulations and relevant legislation, but how much of the process is for the benefit of the organisation rather than meeting the needs of the customer? How should it be different when it comes to a bereavement?