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Constitution and committees

The CII is governed by the CII Charter & Bye-Laws (PDF) and CII Board Regulations (PDF) and is overseen by our corporate governance committees.

Our governance structure

 Governance structure of CII

Audit and Risk Committee

Monitors and reviews the CII’s financial statements, financial controls, audit function and risk framework and to make recommendations and escalate issues of concern to the CII Board. 

Terms of Reference for the Audit and Risk Committee (PDF)

Professional Standards Committee

Promotes and supports professionalism including competence and ethical behaviour across CII membership in order to engender public trust.

Terms of Reference for the Professional Standards Committee (PDF)

Nominations and Remuneration Committee

Oversees nominations and remuneration matters, including arrangements for the appointment of Board and Committee members and their remuneration.  It also has oversight of the CII's overall remuneration framework and budget, and monitors the impact of the CII's approach on diversity, equality and inclusion.

Terms of Reference for the Nominations and Remuneration Committee (PDF)

Education and Learning Committee

Ensures the relevance, accessibility and quality of the CII’s learning and assessment products whilst maintaining processes which are transparent, fair to candidates and compliant with our regulators’ requirements.

Terms of Reference for the Education and Learning Committee (PDF)


Committees review terms of reference annually in accordance with governance best practice. If no amendments or changes are required the document published here will remain unaltered.