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We have been working to trial and launch a range of onscreen assessments, remotely invigilated, during 2020 and 2021. In response to the coronavirus situation, we have significantly brought forward this work to ensure candidates can continue to sit exams in these uncertain times.

From July we will have the ability to use onscreen remotely invigilated exams, this will ensure that exams are able to take place from July this year regardless of restrictions.  ‘Remote invigilation’ enables a student to take an assessment onscreen in the comfort of their own home or chosen private space, with intelligent digital monitoring by a remote invigilator. It is a robust assessment delivery format with great convenience for professionals, particularly during Covid-19, where travel restrictions, social distancing and self-isolating can make it difficult to attend a centre.  There will be no additional fee for remote invigilation.

July written exams – R06, AF7, AF1, AF5

The safety of our candidates is our highest priority, we are constantly reviewing evolving government guidance around safe practices and the potential timetable for changes in lockdown. As a result of the uncertainties around the UK situation in early July, we have decided to transfer our written exams that were due to take place on 6th and 7th July for units R06, AF7, AF1 and AF5, to remotely invigilated exams. 

This means you can sit your exam online from the comfort of your own home or chosen private space as the exam centres will be closed.  We have decided to do this to provide certainty that the exams will go ahead even with the current work and travel restrictions.  So, you can continue to prepare for your exams in the knowledge that you will be able to sit them.   We will be contacting the candidates registered for these exams over the next week to provide full guidance in plenty of time to prepare for the exam format and outline how remote invigilation will work. If you feel remote invigilation is not right for you, we will move your exam to October 2020.

More information can be found on the July 2020 exams page and the FAQs page.

Multiple-choice-question (MCQ) exams


Again, as the safety of our candidates is our top priority and in line with UK government guidance, we have taken the decision to postpone all the UK June’s multiple-choice-question (MCQ) exams. 

From July MCQ exam candidates will gradually begin to access onscreen exams, remotely invigilated, with our new supplier.  Again, this means that you can sit your exams from the comfort of your own home or chosen private space.  This means that exams can continue to be sat however long government restrictions are in place.   This will start with remote invigilation being offered for the most popular units in July, with a plan to roll out to all multiple-choice-question units by the end of October 2020, this includes all international units too.

We will be emailing all candidates booked onto June’s MCQ exams to confirm the postponement of the exam. 

Candidates will then have two choices: 

  1. To rebook the exam at an exam centre for another date, or:
  2. To take the exam by remote invigilation, this will start from July and be a phased roll out

If you have booked a centre in July to sit your MCQ exam, we anticipate that these will be reopening, if this is not the case we will be in contact. There also is now the option of sitting some exams by remote invigilation, more information on this can be found in the remote invigilation updates.


For international students wishing to sit MCQ exams, we will follow regional government advice for that area and reopen exam centres when it is safe to do so. 

All units will be available for International students to use on the new onscreen remotely invigilated by the end of autumn, with some units being introduced from July. We plan to introduce this exam format option for all MCQ units.