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ebook FAQs

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions on CII ebook study texts. This section also details non-EU prices which exclude VAT (question 16).

Q1. What is an ebook?

An ebook is an electronic version of the printed study text that can be read on a portable electronic device or desktop/laptop computer.

Q2. What devices are ebooks compatible with?

ebooks are compatible with the majority of portable electronic devices, e.g. tablets, ereaders and smart phones. Common examples include Android, Kindle and iPad/iPhone. ebooks can also be viewed on desktop and laptop computers using EPUB reader software or a Kindle app.

Q3. Is the content on an ebook any different to a printed book?

The content of the ebook is an electronic copy of the printed study text. The EPUB version will fit the content to the device size, so pages will vary although the content itself will be the same.

Q4. Why choose an ebook rather than a printed study text?

ebooks have a number of useful features, including:

  • Annotation tools - particularly useful when studying, these include the ability to add notes and comments to pages and highlight key points
  • Easy navigation - interactive contents page and search function help you pinpoint the content you're after
  • Quick web link access - related articles and resources can be accessed on the same device
  • In-built dictionary - quick definitions are available for unfamiliar words
  • Read-aloud - available on the majority of devices allowing you to listen and learn
  • Accessibility tools - as well as read-aloud, the ability to tailor the way you view text onscreen, for example increasing text size and changing the background colour, can be useful if you have a visual impairment  

Note, functionality can vary between devices/ereader applications.

Other benefits include:

  • Increased portability - you can study on the move and when using a printed study text isn't practical.
  • Reduced paper use - opting for a paperless enrolment helps reduce your impact on the environment.
  • No postage fee - ebooks are delivered electronically through RevisionMate so you don't pay postage.
  • Fast delivery - same-day delivery if ordered before 4pm (Monday to Friday). Orders after 4pm delivered by the end of the next working day.

Q5. How do I purchase a CII study text ebook?

Like all other CII study options, there are three ways to enrol:

  1. online in our qualifications section;
  2. by post or fax using the relevant CII application form; or
  3. by calling CII Customer Service on 020 8989 8464.

In each case you'll need to state your wish to receive an ebook rather than a printed study text. Remember: check availability before attempting to enrol.

Q6. Why can't I buy a CII ebook through Amazon, iTunes, the Kindle store, etc.?

You can only buy CII ebooks through the CII because you have an enrolment attached to your study text, with associated updates (for 12 months or for the life of your edition depending on the unit chosen). If you were to buy a CII ebook through another supplier, we would not receive details of your purchase and therefore would not be able to send you the associated updates or alerts on key changes.

Q7. How do I access my ebook once I've enrolled?

We will confirm to you by email once your enrolment has been processed. You can then access the full range of file formats available, on RevisionMate, to download the appropriate one.

Q8. What happens if my firewall is preventing the download from taking place?

It may be that your machine is preventing the download from completing - sometimes this is caused by the firewall on your computer. If the computer belongs to your employer, try asking your IT team to create an exception within the firewall.

Q9. Can I download more than one of the formats available?

Yes - but only if you are downloading the files for your own use because you have more than one device you want to be able to use to view your ebook. Downloading another copy or format for someone else to use on their device is not allowed and would be a breach of copyright.

Q10. Can I copy or forward an ebook to someone else?

No, as stated in our terms and conditions, CII study material is copyrighted and is for your own use only - any form of copying of materials is prohibited.

Q11. Can I switch study text formats when purchasing the 'study text renewal' option?

Yes. If, at the end of your enrolment period, you want to extend the life of your study text, you can choose which study text format you want to receive - ebook or printed copy - for your new enrolment period.

Q12. Is RevisionMate access available with ebook enrolments?

Yes, if RevisionMate is offered along with the study text for your chosen unit you'll be able to access online RevisionMate support.

Q13.  What's the difference between an ebook and the electronic study text available through RevisionMate?

ebooks offer a number of useful features which aren't available with a RevisionMate emag. This includes the ability to add notes and comments to pages and highlight key points. You can also change preferences such as fonts, the size of text and page themes. See the answer to question 3 for more on ebook features.

Importantly, once downloaded, ebooks can be viewed without the need for an internet connection. The RevisionMate emag can only be viewed online through RevisionMate.

Q14. How are ebook study texts updates made available?

As with printed study texts, updates are produced in PDF format, available by visiting the qualifications section and selecting the relevant qualification, then unit.

Where content changes are significant enough to warrant delivery of a complete new book, you will receive an email inviting you to download a new file from RevisionMate.

If you download a complete new ebook, any notes or annotations you have attached to the original edition will not automatically appear on the new edition.

Q15. Can I get a refund for an ebook?

Sales on ebooks are final and cannot be exchanged/refunded once they have been downloaded by you. If however, you find that an ebook is faulty, please contact our Customer Service team and we will look to resolve the issue or refund if this is not possible.

Q16.  How are ebooks priced and why does the price state 'inc. VAT'?

ebooks attract VAT (currently at a rate of 20%) in the EU, while printed study material does not attract VAT.

The price of an ebook (including VAT) is the same as its equivalent printed study text.

Candidates outside the EU (and EU companies who provide EU VAT registration numbers) will not be charged VAT when purchasing an ebook.

Where an ebook is sold as a package along with another item, such as exam entry (e.g. in the case of units (LM1) London market insurance essentials and (LM2) London market insurance principles and practices); membership (e.g. in the case of the Foundation Insurance Test); or coursework assessment (e.g. in the case of (J09) Paraplanning or the coursework options for (930) Advanced insurance broking and (990) Insurance corporate management), VAT is not attracted. For these packages, customers in and outside the EU will be charged the same price.