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Making CPD as easy as ABC »
Is CPD an expense or an investment?  Ian Patterson looks at how businesses can maximise the value of their professional development activity.  Galileo said, over 400 years ago: "You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him discover it within himself."  Herein lies the secret of CPD.  How do we turn what is often regarded as a drudge task into one that is regarded as absolutely essential to support the objective of the business?...
Spain can still deliver gains »
From his office in Puerto Banús, Robin Ali offers his view of the Spanish property market.  Spain has seen soaring property values over recent years, driven mainly by investment buyers and by northern Europeans in search of a place in the sun.  The question is, will it last?  What are the signs that suggest the bubble is about to burst?  A visitor to Spain could be forgiven for wondering where the buyers will come from...
First-time buyers struggle to get foothold on property ladder »
Without new blood coming into the housing market, what hope is there of a revival?  Research suggests that, for many, the dream of owning a first home remains elusive.  There are strong regional variations in the time it takes first-time buyers to save for a deposit.  It takes longest to save in London, the South East and the South West, where the average first-time buyer has to save for 4 years 6 months...
To fee, or not to fee... »
Are you working for free, rather than for a fee?  Austyn Smith begins a series on fee-charging by arguing that advisers should insist on being paid for what they do.  It struck me a few years ago that some of the most valuable things that financial planners do for their clients are actually provided completely free of charge: the relationship, the updated valuations, the projection of benefits...
Can you score the winning goal? »
If your New Year resolutions are already falling by the wayside, you need a fresh approach to goal-setting.  Phil Olley offers advice on target practice.  It's at this time of you that must of us will be focussed on the goals we have for 2005.  And it's now that we need to be determined to get into the right habits, to see the first green shoots of progress.  The early days of January can set the tone for the whole year...
SMP: Enhancing customer service and boosting professionalism in mortgages »
Richard Fox says the Society of Mortgage Professionals will transform the market.  He tells 'Financial Solutions' about raising standards and serving customers better.  This year promises to be a lovely one in the mortgage arena.  The arrival of FSA regulation in November 2004 will have its full impact, while the market itself is adjusting to static or even falling house prices and a reduction in the demand for loans from buyers...
News from the PFS from February 2006 »
News from the PFS from February 2006.
Take note »
David Davison assess the implications of the Notifiable Events Regulations for trustees and advisers in the corporate pensions planning sector.  The new notifiable events regulations could have a significant impact on all those involved in corporate transactions.  The regulations require not only the trustees of Pension Protection Fund-eligible pension schemes to notify the Pensions Regulator (PR) of certain events...



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